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Hair accessories making a comeback in 2021

If you can wear it on your head, tie it in your hair or use it to clip back flyaways, then it’s probably on the list of 2021’s most stylish accessories.

Frosted lip gloss, Von Dutch handbags and so much body glitter, festival-goers of today would be in awe. The 2000s was an era in fashion defined by trends that are gradually making their way back into popularity, especially when it comes to hair.

By taking a leaf straight out of that era’s rule book, 2021 is emulating a period described as a global melting pot of previous vintage styles as well as international and ethnic clothing. And although other items like mini bags, jewellery, chunky belts and glitter tattoos were popular for the time, anyone who was a teen during that time would tell you that the best outlet for creativity could be expressed through hair.

According to the Pinterest Hot 100 list, as Millennials are getting older, they’re becoming more nostalgic about their childhood, through reliving fond memories and bonding over shared experiences. Meanwhile, Gen Z, the next group to take over, is discovering Y2K culture for the first time, by adopting bits and pieces from the era, especially fashion.

From fuzzy bucket hats to hair scarves, plastic hair clips and pom poms, if it’s quirky, colourful or looks like a hair accessory worn by your favourite Y2K icons on the cover of some teen mag, you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of it in the months to come.

7 hair accessories that are making a comeback in 2021:

Hair scarves

Cow print, warped pastel stripes and celestial suns and moons, prints were all the rage in the late ’90s and early 2000s. To get the look, wrap a printed scarf around your head like an alice band or bandanna, weave it through plaits or tie it around your ponytail so it flows down your back.

Hair clips

Butterfly, basic or pearl-studded, hair clips add easy flair to your hair. From red carpet events to formal dances, hair clips are the fashion accessory you didn’t know were missing from your wardrobe.


From high ponytails to messy buns and half-up-half-down looks, scrunchies were the must-have accessory of the 2000s. They have come back in style with a vengeance. In 2021, they’re getting a makeover with luxe materials (silk, leather and velvet galore) and fresh designs to keep flyaway hairs at bay in the most stylish of ways.

Fuzzy hats

Although fuzzy hats were a staple part of most teens' wardrobes two decades ago, when pop star and fashion icon Rihanna wore one last year, the accessory reached new heights of coolness. Bucket hats come in a variety of colours, patterns and occasionally matching fuzzy bags too.

Alice bands

Another trend we’ll be seeing a lot of in 2021 is the headband. Jewel-encrusted alice bands, classy satin bows and chic fabric printed wraps are taking people from the beach to the streets. A knotted faux scarf band would be perfect for a casual lunch with the girls while a row of pearls makes for a simple yet elegant headband for the evening.


Headbands have that chic, preppy look to them that instantly make outfits appear more pulled together without having to do too much. Worn over the forehead, just covering part of the hairline, they pair well with voluminous hair, sweaters and mini bags.

Hair tinsel

Glittering strands of tinsel in a hairdo is the way to go for a night out or a party. Tinsel thread is tied into the hair close to the scalp to create the sparkling effect reminiscent of the edgy and glam Euphoria fashion that’s been growing in popularity since the show’s release.


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