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How to create the best care routine for your hair type

Your individual routine depends on:

1. Your natural hair type. Hair is fine, thick, or coarse & is either:

• Straight

• Wavy

• Curly

• Kinky

2. Whether your hair has been bleached, dyed, or chemically processed. To prevent premature colour fading and dryness, dyed hair shouldn’t be washed every day.

3. How you want to wear your hair every day. Do you straighten your hair? Curl it? Leave it completely natural?

4 What your hair concerns are. Be it frizz, flaky scalp, dry, damaged strands.

The Next2U Colour Protect Shampoo & Conditioner

Every routine shares basic components:

1. Cleansing removes buildup without stripping hair of its natural oils, otherwise, sebum builds up, leaving unwanted oiliness and dead skin, which is noticeable in unwashed hair. After swimming, wash the chlorine off your hair, otherwise, it damages your hair.

2. Conditioning. Cationic Surfactant sticks to wet hair and replenishes the moisture that shampoo removes.

3. Moisturising and sealing hydrates your hair and is useful for dry, kinky or coily hair.

4. Detangling stops hair breakage.

5. Style and protect hair anyway with our volumizers and gels. When using heated tools, protect those strands with our heat protection sprays.

6. Spot-treat. For frizzy hair, try our protein-rich Argan Oil treatment and That’s 10 leave-in product for dry scalp.

The Next2U Moroccan Magic Argan Oil

We recommend the following products for each step:

NEXT2U Color Protect Shampoo maintains colored and non-colored hair health and repairs hair damage. It gently cleanses hair to prevent color stripping. This nourishing shampoo strengthens, hydrates and protects hair from environmental damage.

NEXT2U Color Protect Conditioner leaves your hair soft and detangled with extra shine and depth of colour.

NEXT2U Style for Men Daily Use Shampoo provides moisture balance while cleansing and invigorating hair and scalp.

Use NEXT2U That’s 10 Leave-in Product for incredible hair immediately! It repairs dry, damaged hair and prevents split-ends whilst enhancing shine, creating silkiness and preserving hair color. Its amazing formula smoothes and detangles hair reducing frizz and hair breakage. It’s a great flat iron spray and thermal protector.

The Next2U That’s 10 leave-in product & Moroccan Magic Argan Oil

NEXT2U Moroccan Magic Argan Oil locks in moisture and strengthens hair. An awesome conditioning, styling and finishing agent.

NEXT2U Style for Men Fiber is a resinous product for thickening, texturizing and increasing hair fullness for a durable, pliable hold and matte finish.

Limp hair? NEXT2U Full and Flirty Volumizing Hairspray lifts hair away from the head making your do look thicker and feel lightweight.

Our texturizers, hair sprays and curl definers preserve your hairstyle and feature various holding strengths and can target concerns like frizz.

Our Thermal Protection Products create a barrier preventing heat exposure to protect strands, whilst using hairdryers, straighteners and curling irons.

We offer effective hair and scalp treatment solutions to exfoliate, unclog follicles, eradicate itchiness and stimulate circulation for hair growth and health. The order of your routine matters and consistency is key. It takes time for hair to get used to new products and reap the benefits.

The Next2U haircare range

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