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I Tried A Game-Changing Hair Treatment And Here's Why It's Worth Every Single Penny!

There is never a time that I don’t love a good treat for my hair. I must admit I didn’t know too much about this treatment before having it done - I was prepared to wait and see the results so it could do the real talking.

Having curly hair, I knew that I was aiming to minimise my frizz, which the treatment targets (so you already had me sold there). If that was the only thing that would be achieved after I was done in that salon chair I would’ve left the happiest person.

I headed off to scar, which is big on educating the consumer and their staff makes you feel comfortable as well as heard throughout the entire process. I was in the capable hands of Qaadirah and had a good in-depth chat about my hair concerns with the hair guru and owner Andrew - who made me feel like I was understood and most importantly that I was really in good hands.


I saw some transformation pictures of the Qiqi treatment but was curious to see how it would truly transform my curly hair that’s frizz is out of control. The best way I could describe this treatment is that it’s like a Brazilian minus the chemicals. Having curly hair to me means that my curls needed to be tamed and not completely zapped out.

Lets Qiqi, what I can say off the bat is that you need to forget what you know about hair straightening. The new Qiqi range is a revolutionary in-salon treatment that has been developed for those who defy the limits, envision trends and want permanent results without the impact of harsh chemicals.

The Qiqi Vega straightening treatment is by far the most advanced straightening solution and the first of its kind that straightens all types of hair from curls, to delicate and damaged.

Three different Qiqi Vega permanent straightening treatments cover all hair types:

  • · For coarser hair types, Thick & Course is especially for curly girls who love their curls and want to rock the best version of them, every day. Qiqi gives wavy, curly or coils their best life.
  • For moderate texture, Wavy & Curly is great for clients who want to regain control of their hair without making it overly straight. Retain body and volume, increase shine and manageability while eliminating frizz and moderate curl reduction.
  • For delicate hair, Thin & Delicate is designed for those who want seriously straight hair permanently until the roots grow with the hair’s natural texture.
  • Using a unique clean ingredient system based on organic Vegan components that can be left on the hair for up to four hours without any damage or breakage. Qiqi Vega changes the hair’s structure by reacting with the disulphide bonds and then the ironing process, which is part of the salon treatment, permanently transforms the hair into straight, smooth and shiny tresses. The hair structure is then permanently straightened until new roots grow out which usually sees results lasting up to three or four months.


BEFORE: Glamour Beauty Editor Jesé Lillienfeldt-Hartman’s hair before the Qiqi treatment

After having the condition of my hair checked out, we then proceeded to do a deep cleanse, followed by the application of the treatment.

DURING: The start of the Qiqi Vega Treatment application process
DURING: The application of the Qiqi Vega Treatment

I then sat under the dryer for 60 minutes before washing 90% of the product out. It was then that I could already feel how light my head was (generally my hair weighs my head down). I touched my hair and it was super silky! I am not exaggerating when I say that it’s never felt this way before especially while it’s still wet.

AFTER RINSE: The Qiqi Vega permanent straightening treatment after it has been washed off

Qaadirah then used her fingers to detangle my hair (which was now knotless and needed very minimal effort to achieve) and just rough-dried my hair without using a hair brush. At this point, I told her my hair is going to look like a lion's mane but she again reassured me that my hair is going to come out even better compared to when there was ample pulling.

DURING: left hand side showing hair only air dried and right hand side flat ironed

So sitting back in my seat again, I decided to once again put my trust in her and watch this transformation happen as I glance now and then in the mirror to see the progress. If my hair took ten minutes to dry that was a lot. It’s important to note that I very rarely do my hair at home. My arm always gets lame and my hair tends to never come out to my liking since I get tired halfway and throw in the towel. Meaning I’m relying on my flat iron to seal the deal. But of course, that ‘seal the deal’ doesn’t last very long. I also should add that it generally takes me about an hour and forty-five minutes to do my hair from start to finish. So, to avoid wasting my own time and just not being happy with the result - I treat myself to a professional blowdry from the salon which just really happens to also be my guilty pleasure. Next up, Qaadirah flat ironed my hair only going over my hair twice (not over and over and over like I would generally do at home). So you can just imagine how quickly the rest of my hair took. What is worth mentioning at this point is that because of the thickness of my hair, it is extremely rare that my hair is super sleek and remains that way. And I’ll be honest I’M IN SHOCK AND IN LOVE ALL AT THE SAME TIME! If I’m being real every now and then it’s a really good feeling walking out with hair that blows in the wind and doesn’t become a mane shortly thereafter.

AFTER: The results speak for itself!

A few things that I loved about this treatment is that it grows out of your hair. So the method is not the same as a botox that only lasts 3-4 months. You can add this treatment to any services you have done and you only need to do it twice a year depending on your root regrowth (It is best to consult your expert stylist). Another plus for me was that you could immediately wash your hair if wanted to, you could go swimming in the sea, go to the gym and not be afraid to sweat, as well as go into the wind and even use any type of shampoo. Basically you aren’t limited to any activity as the treatment is permanent and doesn't wash out over time.


So, all good and well that my hair is blowing in every direction that it should and it’s final, I’m more than happy with the results. But for me, the true test is now attempting to do my hair at home and saving all those coins at the salon. I must just add that after my treatment I had my hair trimmed by Jamie from Hair By Jamie SA trading at Exclusive Hair Collection. So about 4 days later I was ready to take on the challenge of doing my hair (this happened at 9 PM before catching a red-eye flight to an event) so really I was putting all my faith in Andrew and Qaadirah that my hair will be manageable and come out looking beautiful. So after shampooing my hair, I proceeded to add the ultra-moisturising Qiqi homecare masque which is deemed a hero product (and that it was!) to my hair and left it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off. I then rough-dried my hair and was shocked and amazed all at the same time that I didn’t need to detangle my hair or use a brush. After it dried I applied a heat protectant and started flat ironing it. I checked my phone and it was 9:36 PM! I could not believe it! And the results were fantastic in my eyes and lasted the different altitudes and everything.

AFTER: Attempted to do my own hair a few days later and was pretty chuffed with the results

QIQI is:

100% formaldehyde free

Highest quality ingredients

Safe acidic formulation

Vegan friendly

No smoke or chemical fumes

Rejuvenates and revitalizes

Let’s talk pricing. Consult a salon (scar does free consultations) so that you can get pricing estimations as the ml’s used differs for every person.

Find Qiqi Vega now at:

scar in Cape Town

Orbb Design in Norwood

Salute Salon in Blairgowrie

Hepburns Style in Meadowridge

Avza in Hartenbos

Flash-lox in Roodeport

Shag High Voltage in Port Elizabeth

Swept in Sandton

Langebaan Hair Academy in Langebaan

Warren Schultz Hair Design in Gqeberha

Hair Ink in Brackenfell

Watch my phenomenal hair transformation with the Qiqi Vega Treatment below.

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