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The Posh Spice bob is trending again thanks to the Beckham documentary. Here’s how to get the look

Victoria Beckham has had more hairstyles than the TikTok vault, but aside from her divisive sloped Pob, her most famous chop has to be the Posh Spice bob that she made her signature through the Wannabe, Girl Power and World Domination years.

Everyone who jammed with Posh Spice in the '90s knew the brief: black mini dress, finger-point hand gesture (or peace sign to mix it up) and a sleek, centre-parted, bob that fell just below the jaw.

Now, the Beckham documentary on Netflix is revisiting the couple's early days, when “the posh one from the Spice Girls” and football's most promising new player joined forces to became a golden power couple. And, honestly, it's not just David's boyband curtain cut that's giving us the hairspo we need.

Between 1-7 October (the docu-series was released on 4th October), Google saw searches for “Victoria Beckham hair” skyrocket. And we have to admit, VB's throwback hair gives us equal amounts of nostalgia and inspo. Because despite headlining circa 1996-98, it feels just as cool, current and classic today, especially with the '90s revival showing no signs of slowing down. So, what makes it so timeless?

What is a Posh Spice Bob?

If we were to analyse the anatomy of the chop, “the stand out features of this haircut is the centre parting and sleek straight finish," explains Aimee McDonnell, co-owner at Blue Tit's Leyton salon.

How to get a Posh Spice Bob?

The straight strands are Victoria's signature, so you need to start there. “It is important to have the right hair texture to showcase the style – which can be achieved by straightening,” explains Aimee. Next, skip layering for a one-length finish. “The shape is a classic ”A line bob" with no layering, just some weight removed at the ends to ensure the bob tucks under nicely and avoids a triangular finish.” When Aimee says A-line though, she means an ever so slight graduation that's a tiny bit shorter at the back and longer at the front. If you go for a cut that's drastically shorter at the back and longer at the front, that's where you'll launch into Pob territory – and that's a whole other era entirely.

So, if you want to throw it back to a simpler time when phone's weren't smart and brown-toned lipsticks ruled, here's 7 of our favourite ways to wear the Posh Spice bob with a modern twist for 2023…

Classic posh spice bob

Collarbone posh spice bob

Plush posh spice bob

Tucked posh spice bob

Liquid posh spice bob

Posh spice bob with dinky face-frame fringe

Flicky posh spice bob

This article was originally published on Glamour UK.

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