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This sustainable local hair care brand is designed specifically for curls and coils

Introducing Curls in Bloom. A dedicated natural hair care brand, designed for kinks, coils & curls. Locally inspired & locally produced, Curls in Bloom includes sustainably sourced ingredients such as coconut, shea butter, castor oil & unique floral waters that deeply care for & nourish your hair. It is a collection of 11 products designed to wash, treat and style your hair. Contains vegan friendly, high-quality ingredients sustainably sourced and ethically farmed from South African farmers. The range is free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, mineral oils & petroleum.

Image: Devin Lester Photography (Pty) Ltd

The story of Curls in Bloom begins in the foothills of the Amathola Mountains in the Eastern Cape where a small pro-active farming community set out to work the land every morning, farming rich indigenous essential oils and floral waters.

The Curls in Bloom team went to the source to meet the farming community at Qobo Qobo, the source of hydrating floral waters and nourishing essential oils for the Curls in Bloom haircare range. Watching the distillery in action gives us pride as we pay homage to the organically farmed ingredients, as well as the skilled farming community and project managers on the ground.

Image: Supplied

Qobo Qobo is a non-profit, essential oils manufacturer, situated in the heart of Eastern Cape in South Africa, Keiskamahoek. Committed to uplifting the surrounding community, they have established ten independent farmer units to grow Rose Geranium, Cape Chamomile, and Wild Rosemary. The Farming units belong to local farmers, who take full control of crop production from planting to harvesting and distilling.

Going to Qobo Qobo gives us the chance to tell the farmer’s stories and pay respect to the hands that have made Curls in Bloom possible.

Curls in Bloom is also committed to investing into our future generations. We believe that the power of education can break cycles of economic poverty and empower women to gain economic independence. Therefore, we've created a Curls in Bloom Scholarship fund.

It is open to recipients who are Black South African females, currently involved in tertiary or technical training and are consistently attaining above-average grades for their studies.

Curls in Bloom has a responsibility to equip our youth with the necessary entrepreneurial spirit to drive change within themselves and their surrounding community.

Here is their first recipient, Khathu Madisha, AAA School of Advertising, Marketing Communications Graduate & full-time employee for Curls in Bloom.

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