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Beauty 101: How to get perfect fluffy brows

The past year has witnessed a resurgence of various 90s trends, from brown lipliner to butterfly clips and glitter. Simultaneously, there's also been a marked shift in eyebrow styling. Gone are the days of pencil-thin brows; thick brows have taken centre stage with their ability to accentuate and add definition to facial features. But the evolution doesn't stop there. We've progressed from the casual, unkempt look to a more refined version that perfectly aligns with the soft girl aesthetic of 2024—the neatly brushed, fluffy brow.

“Soft fluffy brows that are not overly filled and natural and effortless,” is how makeup artist and MAC’s Global Senior Artist describes this trend. “The brows are softly defined using brush strokes creating hair-like filling and then brows are brushed up using a clear brow gel. It goes well with nude or no makeup looks.”

An easy fix

In the era of soft and clean girl aesthetics, the brushed brow is an easy fit. According to makeup artist Riddhima Sharma, the fact that it works on many types of brows and even helps tame the bushiest of them is what makes this trend so popular. “It’s a great way of achieving fuller brows and can be done with a good brow gel.” In other words, those who aren’t blessed can fake it and those who are can tame it—it’s a win-win.

A 2-step guide

The technique is simple. “It involves separating your eyebrows to make them look thick, natural, fluffy and textured, as opposed to thin, made up, and overly done,” adds makeup artist Tanvi Marathe.

Step 1: Brush your brows upwards with a clean spoolie or a brow comb. Marathe advises separating each of the brow hairs when doing so—especially those that are settled on top of one another.

Step 2: You can either use a thin eyebrow pencil or pen to fill in your brows, or straight away use a brow-setting gel or wax.

If you are using a pencil, fill in any sparse areas with hair-like strokes. Make sure to use light pressure for extra definition—you want to mimic the brow hair by filling in the gaps. According to Marathe, the key to getting that perfect look is to brush the brow hair up before and during filling. Avoid powder filling as she says that it can make the brow look more flat and not fluffy. “I recommend using two different shades of eyebrow pencils—one the colour of your hair and one slightly lighter, for added definition,” adds Sharma. Finish off with an eyebrow gel, brush it upwards, and set the brows in place.

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Pro tips to retain the look for Longer

#1: Hairspray goes a long way. Use a good quality strong hold hairspray on the spoolie brush to increase the longevity or the hold.

#2: You can even use your fingers to blend the gel in for a more natural look.

#3: Set your eyebrows with powder before applying gel.

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Eyebrow Care

We often forget that eyebrows are also prone to dryness, flakiness, and acne breakouts, which can impact brow health and growth. For this, the makeup artists recommend always taking off your brow makeup at the end of the day. Clean tools are essential every time you do your brows. “Make sure to exfoliate the face once in a while to get rid of any dead skin near the eyebrow,” adds Marathe.

Sharma recommends massaging a small amount of warm oil (coconut mixed with castor) on your eyebrow area. This helps stimulate growth too. Other than that, you can also apply eyebrow serums that will help with the care and growth of your brow hair.

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The original article can be found on Vogue India.

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