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TRIED & TESTED: Here's Why I'm Loving Avon’s New Game-Changing Hydramatic Lipstick!

If you had to check my handbag you’ll find a beauty bag filled with various lipsticks! From glosses to balms, to creamy textures and a variation of matte ones. It’s safe to say lipstick is my life!

There’s just something about a good lipstick that uplifts your mood and can elevate your entire OOTD (outfit of the day).

Avon just launched their brand new world-first hydrating matte lipstick with a hydrating hyaluronic core. I was excited as we put it to the test for a day in the office to see its staying power and just how great this lippie actually is.

AVON’s world-first game-changing #HydramaticLipstick


As always the packaging was super sleek with the feminine pink casing. I was intrigued to see this hyaluronic core that I read about and even more excited to give it a first swipe on my lips.

My signature thing is applying my lipstick in the car before leaving home. My first swipe around 07:00 AM was an ultra-smooth, creamy-like texture that already ticked my box. It glides on so easily and you can for sure feel that hydrating hit in the centre.

At noon, I did a lip-check and there was no need for a re-application (okay, okay... now you have me). Bear in mind, I’ve been sipping on water and snacking without any smudging. I love how the lipstick dried down. It was a silk-like texture that didn’t dry out my lips or leave any cracking and crusting! So impressive on my count.

Just before heading out for the day, I did my last lip-check and we were still predominately intact! No dryness or extra TLC was needed at all. I love when I still feel comfortable by the end of the day wearing the same lipstick I applied first thing in the morning (another ticked box). The fact that my colour lasted pretty much the entire day might also have to do with the shade colour of choice as it was something more natural. With that said, I don’t doubt the staying power if it had to be any other shade.

WATCH: A day In the life of our Beauty Editor Jesé Lillienfeldt-Hartman wearing Avon’s Hydramatic Matte Lipstick


The Hydramatic Matte lipstick comes in an array of 12 whopping colours. So you’re sure to find a shade (or maybe three) to suit your lippies desire. I’m a natural and nude kinda gal on the regular, but I won’t lie I’m not afraid of colour. That being said, for now, my favourite shade is The Hydra Nude - which I’ve been wearing for three days straight! There’s something subtly powerful about the shade that adds a hint of somewhat muted bareness that is strikingly clean.


Once I got home and had removed my makeup for the day, I still felt that the condition of my lips was quite okay. I opted to just hydrate my lips with a lip balm - which is what I do every evening in any case. So nothing new there.

All in all, I was impressed and have since added two shades of Hydramatic Matte Lipstick to my handbag essentials (don’t judge). I was a big fan of the Hydramatic Matte Lipstick and agree that Avon has for sure debunk those matte lipstick myths. There’s no denying that this #HydramaticLipstick belongs in the luxurious category and has proven that lipstick can be bold on the outside and caring to the core.

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