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Reign of Equality: Derek Warburton Is On A Quest To Encourage Us To Love Ourselves

The internationally acclaimed Hollywood stylist and media entrepreneur who’s made a name for himself in the fashion world has come full circle, launching another beauty collection just in time for the holiday season. Sharing both his personal and artistic evolution, Derek Warburton shares what’s possible in today’s world and the importance of being authentically you.

The prehistoric ideologies of one size fit all are finally behind us, and we’re not looking back. “Beautiful is beautiful. Beauty comes in all different packaging, and I want to encourage everyone to love and celebrate one another, ” says Derek.

Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied

'Tis the season for simplicity! Derek Fabulous launches his second collection, Boundless, with Face Stockholm. The incredibly independent and resilient legacy brand that has stood the test of time, celebrating its 40th year in business, aligns with who he is. “I am honored to collaborate with a legacy company that believed in equality from the beginning,” says Derek.

Their first collaboration with Face Stockholm, called the Equality Collection for PRIDE ‘22, helped raise funds for GLSEN, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to creating safer, more inclusive learning environments for the LGBTQ+ community and students in K-12.

The Boundless collection launches right on time for that holiday office party, last-minute holiday shopping, or your everyday needs. This unisex collection is for everyone, wherever and whenever. From your busy working mom to carpool commutes, from happy hour to dinner hour, Boundless has something for you.

This fun, refreshing makeup collection is meant to be less of a commitment and more of a compliment to your lifestyle. “Nothing says good morning like a good bronzer,” says Derek. BB creams, stick foundations, velvety lipsticks to fun lipglosses you can literally transform in minutes with this easy collection. Blending with highlighters as a shadow or for lift, this eclectic roster of products gives a lot of depth and warmth, especially for the winter season

Having experienced life's challenges firsthand, from bullying to homelessness, Derek understands how people feel when they are objectified. Pouring his life's work into helping women and families in need, Derek's philanthropic spirit knows no bounds. "I am not a rock star, nor am I twenty-two. I am not like everyone else. I had to grow into myself," says Derek.

His inspiring journey from makeup artist to stylist to Art and Creative Director to now Entrepreneur and media mogul, the mission hasn't changed. Derek wants them to feel beautiful for who they are, creating real products for real people.

Derek celebrates boldness, diversity of beauty, confidence, and uniqueness. "See me for who I am, and be inspired to come on this journey with me. Hone in on your uniqueness, feel good in it, and have fun with it!" says Derek.

Whether you honor it silently or out loud, support love, equality, and authenticity and be unapologetically you this season and into the new year.

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