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Rewriting beauty standards with Woolies Beauty is You campaign

In the age of social media, we are exposed to a variety of beauty trends on a daily basis, from the latest products to makeup tutorials and skincare routines. In beauty trends, we have seen brows go from thin to thick, neon shadows to smokey eyes, but what’s interesting is that each content creator has a unique beauty story to tell. That's why retail giant Woolworths is shifting from the trends, the statistics and the latest fads by asking, what is beauty - and what is YOUR unique beauty story?

Beauty is not defined by a single concept. In essence, it's about anything that makes you feel or look good. “This is why your story matters,” says Shaheda Sayed, Executive Head of Brand Communications. “Every personal story you share sparks change and helps create a world that promotes inclusivity, more self-acceptance, authenticity, and ways to end stereotypes.” She says we all have a responsibility to positively contribute to the beauty industry by recognising and supporting each other’s differences. “That’s the power of social media,” she adds, “and why we are so proud to have launched the Beauty is You campaign.”

The Woolies Beauty is You campaign aims to spark conversation and share the stories that truly matter: stories about beauty inspired by South Africa’s cultural heritage, unique points of view, and personal experiences.

The beauty community has already rallied around Woolworths for this goal, adding their voices to the conversation. The company has started by rounding up 100 human stories, sharing what beauty means to them. These unique and lived experiences will be revealed on the influencers’ and Woolies Beauty's Instagram pages.

One inspiring story is from Durban-based influencer Valencia Naidoo who was bullied for her features and excess body hair. She rediscovered her confidence through beauty (and fashion) and uses keywords in her social media handle @styleyourconfidencenow. Valencia admits, “Growing up, I didn’t have all this confidence that you see now. At a very late age, I learned to love myself and embrace all of my features. I realised that it’s not important if others don’t recognise your beauty; what’s important is that you do, so love and embrace your uniqueness.”

“Now, the call is for you to share your story,” says Shaheda, “and help shape a new world of beauty where inclusivity, diversity, and self-acceptance are celebrated like never before.”

Woolworths encourages South Africans to join the conversation and tell their beauty stories through their favourite social media platforms. “Take us through your beauty routine and share your favourite memories, personal experiences and what beauty means to you. Woolworths is here to listen,” says Shaheda. “We want to hear real stories so that we can learn, evolve and cater to every person out there. Beauty starts with you.”

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