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3 simple tips to luxurious skin by Simz Ngema

Talented actress, songstress, Simphiwe (Simz) Ngema has never been one to shy away from flaunting her luxurious skin, be it on a magazine cover or on her Instagram grid, Simz’ skin is every girl’s dream.

The winter solstice has passed which means one thing for our skin, face and body: dehydration, dryness and an ashy complexion.

Simz says during this time, it’s especially essential for us to nourish our skin and give it the required love and care.

The question is: how does she maintain flawless skin and her natural glow?

Here are a few affordable tricks to get glowing luxurious skin just like hers.

Exfoliate twice a week

Simz says that treating the skin on your body similarly to how you treat your face is key to building that ‘natural glow’.

“Exfoliating your body, including your arms and legs, twice a week is important if you want to avoid flaky, dry or itchy skin.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and means better absorption of moisturising products.”

Simz opts for a vibrating face massager to assist with exfoliation and to keep her skin looking youthful.

Nourish twice a day

Moisturiser is truly the secret to maintaining your skin's summer glow throughout winter.

Applying a good layer of moisturiser after bathing helps lock in the moisture and retain hydration.

In addition to moisturising twice a day, apply a layer of sunscreen to exposed skin.

Simz moisturises her face and body twice a day in winter, and also adds a facial sheet/tissue mask to her routine for added moisture.

“I consistently use the Gold Series Body Talk Glamour perfume body lotion for both moisturisation and an exquisite fragrance,” says the Gold Series Ambassador .

Don’t forget about your lips and hands

Simz added that she concentrates on these two parts of the body especially due to their visibility!

“Your lips and hands are two parts of your body that people notice first.

They’re a key part of non-verbal communication, and can help in portraying a wonderful first impression,” says Simz.

She recommends finding specialist lip and hand products that include Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter to properly nourish these key important body parts.

Simz also recommends exfoliation of lips and hands to increase the absorption of your chosen product, “Exfoliated, clean skin responds better to nourishing products, and absorbs these products easier therefore improving skin health and overall moisture levels.”

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