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Get that Summer Glow with the NEW Caribbeantan Gold Body Highlighter Cream

Introducing the brand new Caribbeantan Gold Body Highlighter Cream - a highlighter for your entire body! Lather yourself in ultimate luxury with this illuminating cream that’s sure to transform you into the goddess that you are this summer!

Achieving a natural glow for the whole body has never been easier with the new Caribbeantan Gold Body Highlighter Cream. Its lightweight texture blends seamlessly thanks to its fast-absorbing formula that does not contain any bronzer, sunscreen and self-tan. Expect medium golden highlight coverage that’s suitable for the entire body. Not only does this cream illuminate the skin, it also contains a body blur effect that will leave your skin looking ultra-smooth and airbrushed.

The Caribbeantan Gold Body Highlighter Cream also contains caring ingredients to protect and nourish your delicate skin this summer. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, your skin will be left both hydrated and smooth thanks to the skin firming and moisturising effect of these two ingredients, which effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and inflammation. Hello supple, youthful skin!

Achieving youthful, glowing skin has never been easier with the new Caribbeantan Body Highlighter Cream. Using cleansed hands, apply your desired amount of cream onto your body and blend using your hands or a body blending brush in long, sweeping motions. Be sure to wash your hands after application to remove any excess cream and watch as you effortlessly transform into a golden goddess!

Get your hands on this for only R249.95 at Dis-Chem, and

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