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ICYMI: Skinfication is the colour cosmetics trend you’ve got to try, now!

With the skinfication trend continuing to rise, we caught up with YouTuber @zeexonline to get some top tips on Good For You products thanks to Rimmel of London, heroing skin that highlights products and ingredients that are good for you!

GLAMOUR: How do you achieve flawless but natural foundation finish that lasts all day and doesn’t sink into your skin?

ZEEXONLINE: Besides simply ensuring that you use foundations that are lightweight and that are a match to your skin tone (for me it’s the Almond Lasting Finish Foundation), skin preparation is everything. From your cleansing and moisturizing to priming the skin before foundation. Skin preparation is everything especially when it comes to how makeup will sit on your face.

G: How do you choose a foundation formula that is best suited for your skin type?

Z: Since I have oily to combination skin, I normally go for a foundation that is mattifying such as the Rimmel Lasting Matte Foundation as this will ensure that my makeup will look flawless for longer. If I had dry skin, I would lean towards a more hydrating foundation like the Rimmel Match Perfection. You choose based on what properties that foundation has for your specific skin needs.

G: How do you customize your foundation if you can’t find the right shade?

Z: I am a big fan of either mixing different shades to get my perfect shade, but more often than not, I will just “customize” my shade using contouring and highlighting. Starting off with a primer is very important as this gives the correct base to work on. Rimmel of London’s Lasting Matte Primer does an amazing job for me. If my foundation is too light I will more likely use contouring more intensely around my face to create shadows and I will highlight the high points of my face with a colour that is closer to my skin tone whereas if my foundation is too dark, I will contour less and use a colour that is a few shades lighter than my skin tone to highlight the high points of my face.

G: What is the secret to discovering the undertones of the foundation, and if it’s best suitable for your skins undertone?

Z: Undertones can be determined most easily by looking at the skin on your face. If you seem to have more golden/yellow colours coming through on your skin then you’d be considered to have “warm” undertones, if you have more blue/pink/purple colours coming through then you’d be considered to have “cool” undertones and lastly if there is a mix of the two you’d be considered to have “neutral” undertones. Based on this, when looking for a foundation, what’s best would be to swatch a couple of shades and when you go into natural lighting to see if it matches your specific undertones.

G: Can you apply the layering technique when it comes to foundation even if the foundation is not full coverage?

Z: You can however it would make more sense to just buy a full coverage foundation so as not to waste product.

G: How do you avoid your face from caking due to your foundation?

Z: I make sure to use a the Rimmel Lasting Matte Primer as well as a the hydrating Rimmel Match Perfection foundation.

G: In your opinion which brush achieves the perfect foundation application?


Beauty blender

Flat top foundation brush

Full-bodied brushes

Flat foundation brush

Dual fiber brush

G: How to ensure your foundation isn’t transferable?

Z: Set with powders and always finish off with the Rimmel Fix and Go setting spray.

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