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OPERATION: Vital beauty 2021 skincare must-haves

We’re slowly (we know very slowly) needing to get out of holiday mode and that means our skin needs a little TLC. We’ve lined up our top skincare picks that you need to stock up in your bathroom cabinet… Like now!


When you were on holiday mode, you probably had the time to apply face masks or go through a rigorous K-Beauty-style 12-step skincare routine. So maybe you could indulge in that once in a while when your face needs the extra TLC – for now the first step is a good quality cleanser. TRY the fuss-free yet effective Skin Academy ZERO Face Wash (R299.00). Which not only feeds your skin with optimum hydration, but also contain nutrient-dense botanical ingredients to keep your skin healthy. Added bonus? The products are unisex so you and your significant other can share them too.

Skin Academy ZERO Face Wash


If you have normal or oily skin your skin is going to love this. This fragrance-free daily moisturiser is one of their best sellers contains antioxidants as well as ingredients such as thyme, ginger, algae extracts which ensure a non-greasy finish and the lightweight formula minimizes the appearance of your pores. AMAZING RIGHT? WE LOVE SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture (R1375).

SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture


A game changer of note. You’re looking at a non-drying and nourishing Micellar Water that keeps the skin barrier intact and successfully removes your entire face of makeup without any oily residue being left behind. If you opt to use it after cleansing your face will feel well nourished thanks to the benefits of the native Australian Desert Lime, which contains anti-aging and anti-pollutant properties. TRY Claire Hill Desert Lime Micellar Water (R600).

Claire Hill Desert Lime Micellar Water


Known as the serum that will completely change your life. And it most certainly lives up to the hype, creating a smoother and more radiant skin that you will be able to feel and see in only seven days. If there’s one thing we can tell you – it’s that starting an anti-aging routine in your early twenties is golden advice. The serum is fresh and lightweight and will immediately absorb you’re your skin. Use it directly after cleansing to your face and neck and you’ll be feeling supple and softer skin in no time. We all love a multi-purpose product don’t we? TIP Keep it in the fridge for instant, cooling relief after being outdoors. You can also mix the serum with your foundation for extra luminosity. And lastly, to help smooth lines on your lips, place a small drop of the serum onto dry lips before you apply your lipstick. An all time favourite for sure. WE LOVE Lancôme Advanced Génefique Youth Activating Concentrate (R1150).

Lancôme Advanced Génefique Youth Activating Concentrate


Long-term exposure to rapidly increasing levels of urban pollution is unavoidable. Experience the purifying effects of a multi-functional charcoal masque, formulated with Japanese charcoal and special botanicals to help absorb pollutant impurities, normalise and hydrate the appearance of your skin, leaving it feeling revitalised and smooth. WE LOVE Environ Focus Care Comfort+ Anti-Pollution Purifying Masque (R515)

Environ Focus Care Comfort+ Anti-Pollution Purifying Masque


Don’t forget your SPF. Sunscreen is not just for beach holidays – in fact – it should be part of your everyday skincare and body care regime. Whether you’re going for a short walk, spending time in the car or enjoying an outdoor restaurant, the sun’s rays will hit your skin, and potentially do harm. Always layer broad-spectrum SPF products (these protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays) for face and body, and use them every day – even if you don’t plan on spending plenty of time outdoors. TRY Piz Buin’s Allergy Face Cream SPF50 (R189.99) for broad spectrum.

Piz Buin’s Allergy Face Cream SPF50

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