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SKOON. returns to its Ancestral roots

South Africa’s leading clean beauty brand, SKOON., has fully evolved into African beauty, now known as A-beauty for short. What is A-Beauty? A Beauty is a burgeoning beauty industry movement that is taking ownership of African heritage by reviving and refining indigenous botanical ingredients that nourish and replenish all skin types. This comes during an exciting time for the South African skincare industry as the simultaneous rise of conscious consumerism has led to a growing market for cosmetics formulated with local organic ingredients.

Consumers are now looking into changing their consumption habits to reduce their detrimental impact on the environment. According to Statista, the South African beauty market has been forecasted to be valued at about 6.16 billion U.S. dollars in 2024. Marrying these two developments, SKOON. enhanced their holistic and 360° range of topical and ingestible beauty products to A-Beauty.

“A-beauty embraces our ancestral beauty practices by using rich, decadent and natural ingredients such as organic Rooibos, Buchu, Marula Oil, Baobab and Lesotho Rosehip Oil to give consumers the cleanest and kindest beauty on earth,” says Thandi Mbulaheni, SKOON. CEO

“The beauty rituals and methods that our forefathers and foremothers have been practicing for centuries have now formed the basis of our inspirations and formulations to bring people clean and kind beauty, but with the benefit of modern-day scientific refinements.”

SKOON.’s inclusive ’’Make it Yours’’ approach to skincare has fostered a clean beauty community that thrives on acceptance and lovingness. “We are not a brand that buys into empty promises of flawless beauty – we believe in your best, healthy and happy skin,” says Mbulaheni.

The indie brand with hard-earned sustainability credentials is exploring and finding new pathways towards formulating non-toxic, effective, clinically-proven ingredients that are both ancient and incredibly modern - and boosted by science-led thinking.

As a small, strong, female-led team who are driving hard to offer more conscious choices to people who want to push this world forward; SKOON. is determined to expand its raw ingredient sources to include even more African-harvested ancestral beauty game-changers.

In support of the growth and production of these natural ingredients SKOON. has committed to donating 1% of their sales to the Baobab Foundation - an initiative that aims to promote and support the conservation of Baobab trees. This financial support helps the community of growers – mainly women – and their families, to be able to plant more Baobabs and also contribute to the building and nurturing of the communities in and around the Limpopo province. Baobab is an iconic African ingredient - known as the tree of life - that is rich in nutrients and plays an important role in formulating SKOON’s A-Beauty products.

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