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The 'frozen cucumber skincare hack' is going viral for reducing redness and soothing acne, so we ran it by a derm (turns out, it's not as mad as it sounds)

Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

Time to update your shopping list.

Remember when wellness consisted solely of slapping on a homemade face mask and a few slices of cucumber to go over your eyes? Well, the upgrade is finally here.

When it comes to beauty hacks, there's almost nothing we won't try. Here at GLAMOUR, we're committed to finding genius tips and tricks to revitalise your beauty routine. From bleaching our eyebrows, to dousing our hair in olive oil, we're on a mission to test *all* the trends.

And thanks to TikTok, we've been pretty busy. Our latest find is the frozen cucumber hack, which – according to Alexa Rae Loebel, will make your "makeup go on flawlessly," and give you "fresh, glowy skin." The TikTok star also reckons using frozen cucumber on your skin can reduce redness, and help with acne, scarring, and puffiness.


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Alexa has inspired plenty of other TikTok users to give the trend a go, including Emma Freece who documented her experience of using the cucumber hack for eight days.


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Marlo Rodrigue has also been testing the hack, posting a TikTok in which she said, "So I've been using the frozen cucumber hack for two weeks now, morning and night, and my skin looks like this when I wake up. It feels amazing.

"All I do is cut a little piece [of cucumber] off and rub it on my skin and it's made all my acne spots go away [...] It helps with the bags under your eyes."

According to Dr. Beth Goldstein, a dermatologist and co-founder at GetMr, "Cucumbers are high in vitamin K which is helpful in reducing dark circles." This is because vitamin K is a "fat-soluble substance that controls blood clotting."

Dr. Beth continues, "Frozen cucumbers may be more soothing than non-frozen in helping to reduce swelling, puffiness, or inflammation.

"According to one study, cucumber can reduce sebum levels, which can help in reducing acne. The biochemicals present in cucumber can help in blocking the enzyme that causes excess production of melanin or pigmentation, which is what can result in dark spots."

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