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The ‘dewy blush sandwich’ technique is the best beauty discovery since sliced bread

The humble sandwich was the best invention since sliced bread, but we've got wind of a beauty interpretation that sounds delish (if a lot less edible). The ‘dewy blush sandwich’ coined by top makeup artist and Queen of Glow, Nam Vo, (best know for her dewy dumpling skin), is a makeup technique that delivers on an elite lit-from-within blush that couldn't be more perfect for spring.

Taking to her Instagram grid to share the juice, Nam captioned her video: “@thebeautysandwich is dewing his beauty sandwich 🙏 and now I am dewing this dewy sandwich blush hack 🥟🥪.”

In the clip, she can be seen layering products for a natural but ethereal glowy blush look. “This blush sandwiching technique is going to make you glow from the inside out,” Nam explains before adding “warning: these cheeks are not cheap, but neither are you.”

She starts with the La Mer Cushion Foundation. “I'm using a super glowy, super dewy cushion compact as the first layer,” she explains. Then she takes the new Milk Makeup Jelly Blush (in what appears to be the shade Poppy Pink. “On top of the cushion, I'm doing a bright jelly stain and this literally does stain skin,” says Nam. “We have to go really fast and do some cardio blending. This is the trick that will make you glow from the inside out,” she adds while sweeping the blush on top of the layer of foundation below with her fingers.

“Now ‘sandwich’ the blush in with another layer of cushion foundation,” she says, gently patting a final, thin layer of the cushion foundation on top. “Look at how creamy and dreamy. The blush looks like it's coming from under the skin,” says Nam.

Finally, to finish up the megawatt glow that Nam has made her signature, she explains: “I'm going to set my blush sandwich with this gorgeous Dior Hologram Blush. It has reflections of pink, a little bit of diamond dust, it literally looks like crystal pink on your cheeks,” she says dusting the blush across the apples of cheeks. “And here we glow, a beautiful dewy dumpling blush sandwich,” she says.

We've been desperately waiting to get our hands on the Milk Cooling Water Jelly Tints since they landed in the UK, and now we have a whole next-level technique for how to apply them, too. You best believe we'll be adding this to our beauty menu going forward.

This original article can be found on Glamour UK.

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