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Top tips to promote skin safety and sanitization in 2021, from makeup to masks

New year, same mask situation! In 2021, as we continue to navigate our temporary new normal in the wake of the novel coronavirus, it’s so important that we do all we can to prioritize wellness and take care of our health.

This most definitely applies to fitness and keeping up with modified workout routines, but it also means paying extra attention to the products we are using on our skin, because after all, mascne is real, dry hands are problematic, and our skin needs our help!

Here are the top tips you need to know to keep your skin safe, strong, and sanitized this year.

Use antimicrobial products

Now more than ever, it’s time to get rid of useless products and tools in your skincare and makeup collection that isn’t providing you with beneficial results.

This starts with paying special attention to the ingredients in the products you’re using - which is why you need to be incorporating antimicrobial makeup tools and proper brush cleansing methods into your routine.

UVe Beauty’s UV-C Sterilization Systems, which sterilize brushes up to 99%, will be the perfect addition to your makeup regimen, along with the clean beauty brand’s antimicrobial blenders, the first of their kind, that is 99% bacteria free. Knowing the science behind what you’re using on your skin is a non-negotiable in 2021.

Wear effective masks

Don’t just put any piece of fabric on your face - make sure that your mask of choice is scientifically backed to promote skin safety, protection, and overall wellness, rather than driving out your face.

The ORA Nano Mask stops 99% of particles - such as dust, pollen, germs, harmful gasses, smoke, and other air pollutants - from being ingested.

Their top tier mask thrives in particle removal efficiency through it’s five-layer protective hypoallergenic and hydrophobic nano filter mask.

Make sure you know what is embedded within the material that will be sitting on your face for almost all day, of every day, as it can have long-term effects on your skin.

Blue light protection is key

With more yes on screens now more than ever before, it’s crucial to take care of your eye health. Blue light - scientifically known as high energy visible light - is emitted from tech screens, and from UV rays. Excessive screen time can damage our eye health by causing blue light to penetrate the skin to a perilous degree.

According to Friedman Optometry’s team, “blue light contributes to DNA damage and hyper-pigmentation, and therefore, it’s critical to protect your eyes with special blue light glasses that provide a shield.”

Treat and pamper your hands

Purell and other hand sanitizers are effective for killing bacteria, but also can be incredibly drying. Therefore, it's important to always have a good hand cream/lotion on hand to incorporate into your hand care routine. Try to avoid products with heavy fragrances, and keep it natural. Even Vaseline and Dove can yield effective results.

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