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27 Easy fixes for adult acne

Photography: Instagram / IMaxTree
Photography: Instagram / IMaxTree

Photography: Instagram / IMaxTree

Most of us have had a bout of acne at some stage in our teens. But for a select few, acne can linger well into adulthood. Studies have shown that over half of women in their twenties, and 35 percent of women in their thirties, experience some form of acne.

Those pesky zits know just how to knock your confidence. That’s why we’ve trawled the inter webs to find a few fixes to restore your face to its flawless self.

Scroll through to read our list of adult acne ammunition.

Apply one of these: 

- Salicylic acid

- Glycolic acid

- Jojoba oil

- Unrefined shea butter

- Bentonite clay

- Hyaluronic acid

- Bee face balm

- Tea tree oil

- Witch Hazel

- Myrrh

- Shea butter

- French lavender oil

- Frankincense

- Aloe vera gel

Consume one of these:

- Alkaline water

- Aloe vera juice

- Dairy-free (eliminate dairy)

- Sugar-free (eliminate refined sugar)

- L-Lysine supplement

- Zinc supplement

- Probiotics

- Kombucha

- Green tea

- Turmeric

- Spirulina

- Rooibos tea

- Apple cider vinegar

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