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The ultimate ‘OUT-OUT’ makeup ideas for our glorious return to the world


Over many months of minimum use, our makeup bags have gathered dust in the corner (much like our social plans), but with easings and re-openings it’s finally time to grab your clutch and dig out your jumbo eyeshadow palette, ‘cause we’re coming out, and in the words of Diana Ross, we want the world to know.

Of course this unprecedented occasion doesn’t require any old makeup look. It calls for joyful, soulful, colourful celebratory makeup. We’re talking diva-level maximum glam. Our re-entry into the world is an opportunity to rediscover ourselves and fall back in love with makeup and experimentation. It's an opportunity to leave our comfort zone (and sweatpants), play with surprising splashes of colour and have fun. It's been a sh*t year. You've earned it.


We're talking eyeshadow that can smoke up a storm. Like this silvery smokey eye by makeup artist @kelechisart. There's no way you could call it shy and retiring, but it's beautiful, wearable and a total mood.

We’re talking about ultra glazed cheekbones that are so glossy, they're blinding.

We're talking about colourful feel-good vibes with dashes of pastel pink and lilac.

We're talking fresh, zesty shades of lime paired with juicy apricots.

We're talking OTT glitter loaded up onto eyelids.

We're talking pretty puffs of candyfloss colour swept over eye lids.

We're talking loud-as-you-like riots of colour in graphic shapes sketched across complexions.

We're talking rainbow sherbet lids draped in kaleidoscopic shades.

We're talking subtle dots of shimmer to light up pretty pink shadow.

We're talking fierce floating liner in slick shapes.

We're talking pepto bismol pops of pink packed onto lips.

We're talking star-streaked lashes.

We're talking neon ombre liner.

And we're talking molten metallic eyes.

So see you on the other side. Don't worry, you'll definitely be able to spot us...

Original article appeared on GLAMOUR UK | Author Elle Turner

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