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This hair trend from Netflix's Queen's Gambit is taking *off*. See the celebs giving it their own spin...

If you haven't tucked into new Netflix smash-hit, The Queen's Gambit, which sees chess prodigy, Beth Harmon, annihilate her male opponents, truly, you're missing out.

Alongside seeing Sam, the kid from Love Actually, all grown up (complete with a moustache), another thing the series is serving up is irresistible 60s-style hair and makeup. Most notable, is Beth's hair which evolves from a rigid page-boy cut as a nine-year-old orphan, to full-on sixties flipped-out ends, inspired we're told, by film siren, Natalie Wood.

For the series, wigs were used and styled with rollers overnight to complete the evolution. But the one used for the final scenes (where Beth hits her peak) was such a hit among the cast and crew, it was named "Fucking Drop Dead Gorgeous," according to the show’s hair and makeup designer, Daniel Parker.

They're not the only ones who think it's a hit. Flipped out ends have undergone a resurrection over the past year. Kim Kardashian’s done it, Dua’s done it, JLo’s done it. So is it time we gave it a spin?

On the one hand, it’s serving up peak Stepford wives vibes. But, is that sort of the point? Model Grace McGovern recently posted an Insta snap of dramatically curled ends and the caption: “Channeling my inner Bree Van de Kamp.” She even paired it with a pink cable knit vest.

Scrolling down the comments, people are surprisingly on board. Followers are into the cutesy feel and one user even wrote “omg this hair is such a SERVE.” Interesting...

Elsewhere, we’ve seen it nod back to the sixties, the OG decade for flipped out ends. Celeb hair guru, Chad Wood, matched actress, Halston Sage’s sixties flicked liner and doll lashes with an on-theme sleek flip out and glassy modern finish that brought it back up to date. Mmmkay...

Likewise, we noticed A-list hair stylist, Justine Marjan match Olivia Culpo’s stretched out liner and sixties black and white check outfit with a mini flip, flicked out slightly at the bottom, in a more subtle nod to the trend. We're listening...

And JLo’s right-hand man, Chris Appleton, gave the style a nineties spin for the singer, pairing it with a half-up high ponytail on longer-length hair. Oooooh...

We reckon we're gonna need to go away and try this one ourselves to decide.

If you're already an old hand with a blow-dryer, it's pretty easy to achieve. Blow dry as you normally would with a barrel brush or a heated brush like GHD Rise, then, when you get a couple of inches from the end of your hair, roll it backward to create a flip, the more you roll, the more dramatic it will be. Add a shine spray to amp up the glossiness and make it feel more modern and see how you feel. So what do you think? Are you sold?

8 ways to wear flipped ends...

Dua LipaA longer length, with a preppy look and a subtle flip.
Keke PalmerSleek, sixties-style with a mini flip.
Kylie JennerShoulder-length and glossy with a medium flip.
Grace McGovernHigh shine with a dramatic flip.
Jennifer LopezLonger with a tight flip.
Halston SageA twiggy remix. Super neat, with a wide flip.
Olivia CulpoSide parted, poker straight, with a subtle flip at the bottom.
Kim Kardashian90s style with a side fringe and a high ponytail.

Original article appeared on GLAMOUR UK | Author Elle Turner

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