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Why you need to incorporate an Oat-Powered Skincare Solution into your routine

Aveeno®, a global dermatologist-tested brand, recently launched in South Africa. Committed to developing breakthrough product formulations with new and existing ingredients, many of which deliver clinically proven results. With a commitment to inclusivity and helping to provide skin relief, Aveeno® aims to address skin challenges and redefine the visual narrative in skincare through its launch in South Africa. We sat down with Edna Mohale, Head of Marketing at Kenvue SSA, to give us three reasons why you should try the Oat-Powered Solution Global Skincare brand that has unlocked the power of oat science for healthy-looking, beautiful skin.

GLAMOUR: What makes this brand so different from those that are already on the shelf, and why should GLAMOUR readers try the products?

Edna Mohale: One thing about why Aveeno is different is because of their triple oat complex, for you to look after your skin - because it is your pride. With the triple oud action, you get your oat extract that helps with redness and the soothing of your skin. Then the oil gives you the moisture lock that you need. But most importantly you also need to make sure that you allow your body to produce its natural ceramides. That is the difference when it comes to helping the regeneration of your skin. Then lastly you have the oat flour that hydrates and nourishes the skin.

It’s not only about the products, Aveeno is about a journey. When you are just an ordinary South African of any skin colour and you talk about issues such as sensitive, or itchy skin or even eczema you google to get that information. You will not see people of different skin tones. We want to change that narrative. We want South Africans of different skin types and tones to share their experience and start collecting and sharing an educational album. Whenever you google and have this bothersome skin and it’s explained in simple terms, we are transparent about the ingredients and you’ll know exactly which products work.

Because it’s inspired by nature, the natural power of oats takes out the worry of products drying out your skin, and it’s safe enough to use on sensitive skin and even babies. These products are so unique because there are products like them on the market.

GLAMOUR: If there was one product that you could recommend to try as a first-time buyer which product would that be and why?

Edna Mohale: Get skin relief, because it sorts out a lot of issues you may have. Suitable for dry, and sensitive skin. Even if you’re battling with eczema, This is your go-to.

GLAMOUR: As we head into the cooler months, what advice do you have regarding ingredients and the products we should be using?

Edna Mohale: Very important to not wait for the problem. Be proactive and go for products that offer relief, moisturising, hydration and healing effects. Winter is harsh on your skin and it’s vital to use products that will penetrate the skin’s layers and help you.

GLAMOUR: A note to our audience…

Edna Mohale: To the GLAMOUR readers, your skincare routine is all about your health. Help us create the conversation to make people feel comfortable in their skin. Let’s talk!

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