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10 Things You Didn't know about Angie Santana

South African R&B singer-songwriter Angie Santana is back.

After a long battle with her label and huge shift from being signed to now being independent. She's inspired and more ready than ever to take back her power. She returns with a brand new banger "Money".

GLAMOUR got a chance to chat to the star to get to know a bit about her. We must say we love her even more after finding out these cool 10 things about her.

1. Angelico Santana Vanto Is a 25 year old singer- songwriter whose favourite talent show song was Puff Johnson's "Forever More". I never ever won those talent shows though and it really messed with my confidence. People would always pressurise me into going to Idols or some singing competition but that fear of rejection always lived on in me.

2. My Middle Name "Santana" was chosen through the love my father had for Carlos Santana. I soon grew up admiring his artistry and string work.One of my Biggest regrets is definitely not knowing or being interested in learning how to play the string guitar.

3. When I Was 16 in Boarding School I joined a Rap Group called "BlackBerry Music". That was like the Young Money of my era and I was Nicki Minaj. I soon discovered rapping wasn't my strong point. And I joined the School Choir. This is where my voice was shaped and The artist in me was born.

4. I'm a huge R&B girl and I grew up listening to alot of R&B music, hence my choice of genre. But what people don't know about me is that my first Music experience was NWA and RUN DMC . I'm a serious HipHop head and I listen to Drake and JayZ almost everyday of my life. Hip Hop has played an enormous role in my music aswell, my knowledge of it has allowed me to work and sit in rooms with artists like Nasty C, Nadia Nakai and award winning producers Tweezy and Gemini Major.

5. I refuse to wear any other sneaker sides The Jordans. I'm a huge Michael Jordan supporter. Started collecting sneakers a few years ago and my favorite pair of all time is The Retro 9's he wore them in his Space Jam Movie. The only other shoe if allow on my feet is probably The Airforce 1

6. One of the Biggest highlights of my career and personally one of my best memories is performing and Working with Mafikizolo. Its such an amazing feeling having legends appreciate my work and having them mentor and groom me into this artist that I am today. I was signed to Theo Kgosinkwe and he did play a big part in the discipline I have today as a performer.

7. My biggest Dream is definitely working with one of my favourite female artists H.E R and I'd absolutely love to Work on a few songs with Shekhinah. She's one of my favourite female artists and she had constantly shown me so much support.

8. Champion at Karaoke. Erykah Badu and Whitney Houston have carried me through many wins. I once got banned from karaoke because I would turn them into my concert. I love making crowds happy. I love seeing my people smile. And the fact that my voice and music does that bugs me so much purpose and meaning.

9. One of my biggest goals is starting my own label. female established. To sign Women Only. We need nn organisation that caters and protects female artists in our country. We don't have that, and I cant wait to be the first to pull that off. I've personally experienced situations where I was taken advantage of because I'm female.

10. If I could Have lunch with anyone in the world for one day it would definitely be Tupac. (If he was alive). I enjoy deep, intelligent conversations. He was definitely a very smart and informed musician who spoke truth and believed in generational growth and wealth. I'd have loved to sit and pick his brain.

Listen to Money here

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