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Cardi B on working with Megan Thee Stallion for new single

The 27-year-old rapper and Meg, 25, have joined forces for the new single 'WAP', and Cardi has revealed how their respective wardrobe stylists put them in contact with each other.

She shared: "My stylist, my wardrobe stylist, he linked up with her wardrobe stylist and they were like, 'You know, we were having such a good time and we were talking about you guys. Yo, when are you guys ever going to link up? What's going on? What's good?'"

The 'WAP' video features cameo appearances from the likes of Kylie Jenner and Normani, but Cardi admitted it can sometimes be tough to collaborate with other big-name stars.

She told Tidal's Elliott Wilson: "A lot of collabs that I haven't made yet - it's really because of my shyness."

Earlier this month, Cardi admitted she didn't feel welcome in the music industry when she first started out.

The chart-topping rapper revealed her "feelings got hurt" because people didn't take her seriously as an artist.

She said: "When I first started doing music and everything, my feelings got hurt.

"A lot of times, because I felt people just kept denying me in my face. Cause my manager at the time, they said, cause you have to be more friendly. You got to go out more.

"And even when I was being friendly to other artists, and I'm not talking about female artists, just being more mixy in the industry, I just felt I'm shaking hands with everybody, but nobody want to do a f****** feature with me. What the hell?"

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