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5 Reasons Why We love Our Cover Star, Nadia Jaftha

It’s that time of the month when you can head to any leading store to grab Glamour’s October/November 2023 issue. This month, we’re excited to introduce the award-winning content creator, businesswoman, and recent ambassador for HUAWEI WATCH G4 campaign, Nadia Jaftha.

We’re curious about all the elements that went into the makings of this dynamic woman.

Photography by Franco Kellerman

1. She’s authentic

Her comedic content garnered quite the attention in the digital space, making Jaftha a well-known ‘household’ name in South Africa. She knows no bounds when expressing her authentic self through the digital lens; captivating viewers with her humorous, authentic, and uplifting digital presence. “In a society where content is heavily scripted, Nadia strives to showcase her life in its authentic form.” (See page 64)

“You have to be intentional about everything because you can easily get lost in this industry, until you’re in it, you’ll have no way of knowing when you’re lost.” (See pages 64 -65)

Whilst experiencing many peak successes, she opens up about her honest experience in how she manages the duality of being in the public eye. “I don’t think I can safely say I’m at a point where I know how to deal with everything because there are new elements and variables that come into play daily. When I go into an event, I don’t know if there’ll be that one person who’ll try to get a reaction out of me. So it’s important to always stay grounded and to do things that’ll keep me on the straight path.” (See pages 64 -65)

Photography by Franco Kellerman

2. Her Relatability

What started off as a home made video prank on her mother quickly grew into a celebrity-like following across all her social platforms. Behind the digital lens, she showcases human experiences that most can relate to. She gives viewers an honest glimpse into her family dynamics, such as the mother-daughter duo, creating a shared experience where viewers are able to relate and connect with the public figure.

3. Her Comedic Humour

As a viewer and OG follower, consuming her videos has always left me with nothing but LOL’s. Her authenticity is woven into her comedic storytelling, garnering much attraction and love. She’s truly a breath of fresh air.

4. She’s Inspirational

Breaking into a heavily saturated industry, content creation, may be difficult for most. However, as an award-winning content creator with the success of over 600 000 Instagram followers, it’s inspiring to see local content creators such as Nadia, causing shock waves in the digital space. She’s used her success as a platform to help create Ace Labs, which helps creators build their brands while building sustainable businesses in the process.

Photography by Franco Kellerman

5. She’s Serving Boss Energy

We love to see a female boss breaking boundaries and achieving great success. Having recently secured an ambassadorship with HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 campaign, this female boss knows no limits when reaching for the stars. She shares with us that she’s currently in her “elevation era.”

“I’m looking forward to it. I don’t know what my next era looks like. I think if I knew I wouldn’t be as excited, but I do know that it won’t be the same version of me that people are used to.” (See page 68) We’re all pretty excited to see the flames that this boss will be showing us next.

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