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Style Your Story Part 3: Meet TRESemme’s career-driven trend-setters

Style is more than an aesthetic. It’s a tool every woman should embrace on their rise to the top. Your style is a representation of your identity, personality, abilities, and ambition. Every TRES Girl knows that it’s the core of her self-expression, and as she and her style evolve, she wants to redefine her story. Own her story. Style her story.

TRESemmé has partnered with some of South Africa’s boldest, most ambitious women to honour their role as entrepreneurs, influencers, and style icons. Whether they’re self-made moguls, career-driven fashionistas, style gurus, or all-around trailblazers, they epitomise the spirit of the TRES Girl.

In part three of our four-part Style Your Story series with TRESemmé, GLAMOUR speaks to two women balancing their careers and their aspirations with style.

The Career-Driven Trend-Setters

Katlego Tefu

Photography: Ricardo Marcus K

“You don’t always see my type of hair in beauty campaigns. It’s stubborn, it’s fragile yet resistant, and it’s unbelievably versatile. Basically, it’s just like me,” says Katlego Tefu, beauty influencer, law student, and self-care advocate.

Having worked in both the legal fraternity and influencer marketing simultaneously, Katlego knows the value of versatility – and hard work. Since childhood, she had wanted to practice law, but her love of fashion, skincare, and promoting narratives of natural hair acceptance have pushed her further and further into the influencer space.

“I work around the clock – and maybe it’s my personality, but I have to get the job done no matter what. If you have to wake up early and go to bed late, that’s what you do. It’s a difficult balancing act, but a sacrifice today is a win for tomorrow,” she says.

Photography: Ricardo Marcus K

You don’t have to neglect one passion for another, she explains, especially if you become very, very organised. When you’re working, always have a well put-together to-do list.

“How do your Mondays look, how do your off-days look? Always remember that if you want to be a content creator and have a 9 to 5, it’s going to be a lot of work, and a lot of prioritising. Determination and discipline beat motivation,” she says.

However, despite her demanding lifestyle, Katlego recognises the importance of self-care and avoiding burn-out at all costs. Style and self-care are interconnected, she says, which is why much of her content creation promotes the need for physical and mental rejuvenation.

“On my self-care journey, I’ve learnt you have to take time out – and properly rest – or that hectic schedule won’t be sustainable.”

Mimi Mvakali

Photography: Ricardo Marcus K

“Your style tells your story: it’s as simple as showing up well-presented to indicate you’re ready for success. Or physically representing your love of your culture. It’s about asking for your energy to be mirrored back to you.”

Mimi Mvakali knows the value of outward appearance, and how it often reflects your internal self. As a trained attorney and self-proclaimed “reluctant influencer”, she’s seen firsthand how a look can help people to see your inner light – even when you don’t always see it yourself.

Having struggled with anxiety and depression in the past, showcasing her style has been a way to recapture her confidence, find the truest version of herself, and share her journey with thousands of people. Yet she recognises that this is not always easy in the sometimes superficial and judgmental world of social media.

Photography: Ricardo Marcus K

“There’s a hypervisibility that comes with being an influencer, and that can be dangerous for your mental health. It’s why I take breaks from social media unapologetically. It’s okay to focus on yourself, your other passions, and self-care. You can always come back!” she says.

This balance, she says, is how she has managed to apply herself – and maintain her energy – across all of her interests: legal consulting, environmental law, fitness, fashion, and content creation.

She joined the TRESemmé Style Your Story campaign to help other South African women realise their own unique style – and ask them to show it off on every possible platform.

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