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Anele Zondo drops highly anticipated 'Vuka' EP and shares her pregnancy news

Rapper, actress, TV and radio host Anele Zondo, also fondly known by her fans as Ney The Bae is kicking off the second half of 2024 strong.

After months of teasing her fans that she was in studio cooking, the all-round entertainer announced the release date of her latest EP, ‘Vuka’ — something her fans have been looking forward to.

My Baes will love this project. I took my time with it and it has been a labour of love. It’s a celebration of everything they love about me, but I am also sharing a different, more vulnerable side of me they haven’t heard,” said Ney The Bae.

“Vuka” means “Wake up” or “Awakening” in Zulu.

Image: Instagram/@anele_zondo

The EP is described as a melting pot of various genres woven together with her smoky voice, wordplay and star-studded features. It is not only that — it’s about growth, self-consciousness, and artistic evolution.

“I dug into my Zulu roots, my love for hip hop and merged the two. I’ve been in the industry for seven years and I’m at a point where I am awake, self-aware and ready for the next phase of my career…. And life,” she added.

‘Vuka’ is not the only project Ney The Bae is dropping in 2024, she has also been cooking in other areas of her life. The talented star has revealed that she is expecting her first child, also “dropping” in 2024.

Image: Instagram/@anele_zondo

The ecstatic Mom-to-be said: “Striking a balance between my biological clock and my expanding career has always been something I felt conflicted about.

“As women it is always put to us to choose between either — focusing on being a mother or the focus is on a career. We are questioned when we consciously choose both.

Motherhood is a journey that I’ve wished, prayed and longed for for many years and it’s teaching me what is possible when we allow nature to take its course.

Image: Instagram/@anele_zondo

“I’m both nervous and excited. I can’t wait for my audience and fans to ride with me. I’m going into my 30s with the greatest gifts of all…my Bae-be and my EP.”

The ‘Vuka’ EP drops on May 24 and is available on all digital streaming platforms.

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