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Man Crush Monday: In Conversation with Bravo Le Roux

From Khayelitsha to the world, We chat to Bravo Le Roux as he reflects on his journey and the future of South African Hip Hop.

How did you come up with your stage name

I got the name in primary school during a soccer match. I scored a goal and overheard Brandon Poole shooting “BRAVO!!!”. I thought that sounded cool, so it stuck to my head. The Le Roux came from the hood I went to a “white school” and they used to call me the black ale Roux, I just ran with it.

You recently took your first international trip, How was that?

The trip was super amazing and eye opening for me. I went to four different countries which made me realise how much of a beautiful country we are. We have so much potential and I just wish we had the government support in a lot of things. Nonetheless it was a beautiful trip of connecting the dots on a global scale. One day I will tell you all about it.

How do you remain true to yourself in an industry that has always been viewed as hardcore and very competitive

My music is always about reflection of my thoughts, experiences and events. I am telling my truth in my own way - hoping it is understood by those who relate but also sparks an interesting factor about the artistry to those who have never experienced what I experienced. People always say I make them feel like they’ve lived my life and I think that’s very powerful. I might not have all the deep answers now but the people outside are the ones experiencing it and not me. I guess that’s the IT factor.

Image sourced: Instagram/@BravoLeroux

What has been you biggest career highlight?

⁠I never wore a graduation gown but I got a jacket from being selected as one of the Top 30 creatives in Africa for 2023. That was crazy. Also performing at the Springbok’s World Cup championship parade at the Cape Town library right in front of the Nelson Mandela statue. I don’t know if you see what I see but that’s history right there.

Do you think SA Hip Hop has potential to grow bigger than it is, and where do you see that growth?

⁠For sure it’s in a really tricky state but it’s not only in South Africa but worldwide the genre is declining. I don’t believe it will ever die but it’s gonna take another energy for it to be a top selling genre again. It just requires us to be authentic and draw inspiration from South Africa than sounding American or British.

Igazi, Inyembezi, Nombilo is one of your best record thus far, take us through the creative process and inspiration behind it?

⁠What an album. That right there is exactly the music I always wanted to create as a young kid. I only felt ready last year to create it because my supporters had earned my trust they have shown me so many times that they love anything I give them and will always show up for me. I thought it was time to introduce myself properly and thank everyone for accepting me with all of my flaws.

Image Sourced: Instagram/@Bravoleroux

You have collaborated with the likes of Flash Ikumkani, Youngsta and Digital Sangoma. Who would you like to collaborate with next?

⁠I don’t really write down dream collabs, I always let destiny do what it does best. It’s an energy thing and that’s what defines perfect timing. 95% of the people I have worked with were not planned, it was always matching energies and ended up in studio. I mean a Drake feature would be dope but what if it never happens, do I define my life as short lived? We move and all the dots will keep connecting.

Can we expect new music this year?

⁠I am currently working on deluxe for Igazi, Iinyembezi Nombilo. I am also sitting on a lot of features and freebies. It’s gonna be a crazy year.

Do you have any hidden talent?

⁠ I can back-flip and draw. There’s also some dance I do with my belly, I think it’s cool - it helped me make my girl laugh. Oh and I can also move my Adam’s Apple up and down.

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