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Ashley Graham is pleased that her body is starting conversations

Ashley Graham is pleased that her body ’starting a conversation’ about inclusivity and body positivity.

The 32-year-old curvaceous model has been campaigning for body positivity for many years, and has said she is happy to see that her own curves are encouraging other people to “celebrate women of all shapes”.

She said: “It’s about damn time my body is starting a conversation, I think we should be celebrating women of all shapes, ages and races.

“Whatever they identify as, I think that this is something that’s really important.

“If my curves are going to start a conversation, let’s keep it positive and let’s let every other woman celebrate herself and her body.

“That’s exactly what we should be doing, celebrate women for who they are.”

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Ashley is also an advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement, and says she and her husband, Justin Ervin, have been discussing the best ways to teach their nine-month-old son Isaac about equality when he’s older.

During an appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show”, she added: This is a time to not shy away from this, this is a time to have deep conversations about discrimination and racism in America.

“Our children need to know what’s happening, they need to know the facts, because if they’re going out on the street and they’re not armed with the proper information, we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Meanwhile, Ashley recently said she’s been “in heaven” since becoming a mother for the first time earlier this year.

She said: "I am in heaven. I love being a momma. He is so cute and so sweet and so happy."

Ashley also revealed that she and Justin chose to name their son Isaac because the moniker means "laughter".

The star shared: "When my husband and I were naming him, Isaac means laughter, and we just really wanted a happy, laughing baby - and sure enough we got him."

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