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Azana talks about her debut album 'Ingoma'

Musician Azana has just released her debut album, “Ingoma” and we caught up with her.

First off how have you been?

I’ve been doing well, considering the worlds current state with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tell me about “Ingoma”, what was the inspiration behind it?

“Ingoma” is my debut album which consist of 14 amazing tracks inspired by what’s around me and also what’s from within.

Is there a particular theme and if so why?

It symbolizes new beginnings, love, hope and spirituality. It’s different genres represents how free I can be when making music, that is why I don’t limit myself to any genre.

How did you approach the writing process?

It’s hard writing about something I’ve never seen around me or experienced so my thoughts and lyrics come from what I’m exposed to and what I understand from what I’m exposed to.

How would you describe the lyrical content?

Making music has made me understand myself more and has helped me reflect a lot on life. I’ve also gotten to appreciate this lovely gift of music and life on its own.

In terms of its sound, how would you define it?

My sound is rich, soulful and soothing.

Which track means the most to you and why?

I treat all my songs like my babies therefore I cannot choose which song value the most, I love all 14 of them!

What do you hope people take away from this album?

I believe there’s a track for everyone in “Ingoma” and that even though it’s a song I hope the listener will not see it as just a song but as medicine for healing and happiness

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