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Friendship goals: Minnie Dlamini-Jones ‘flew’ in Beyoncé for her friend’s birthday

If there were a World Friendship Championship, Minnie Dlamini-Jones would win a few gold medals.

When the media personality is not throwing surprise birthday parties for her friends or delivering a R2.8 million Range Rover, she is “flying” in Beyoncé .

Taking to Instagram, Dlamini-Jones reminisced about how, earlier this month, she “fetched” Beyoncé from the airport for her bestie, Azola Mona’s birthday.

Dressed in black and white, Beyoncé stood next to Minnie’s bestie and posed for a picture.

There was just one major and obvious difference though – this version of Beyoncé did not even blink because it was a cardboard cut-out.

“That time we fetched Beyoncé from the airport to surprise @abrooklynwinter for her 30th #Levels,” said the “Homeground” star in her caption.

While it was clear that it was not actually Beyoncé, many of Dlamini-Jones’s followers found her post humorous and said they wanted a friend like her.

Actress Gail Mbalane said: “I also want to fetch Beyoncé from the airport. Please make it happen Minz.”

Roxy Burger said it was “brilliant” and actress Keke Mphuthi said the duo were friendship goals.

Last month, Dlamini-Jones made headlines when she surprised Basetsana Kumalo with a R2.8m Range Rover.

In a video posted on her Instagram account, Dlamini-Jones is seen driving up to Kumalo’s mega-mansion saying: “I’m so excited, I’m surprising a very special lady with a very special car, I hope she likes it”.

As the former “Top Billing” presenter then walks out the front door, Dlamini-Jones shouts “surprise”.

She goes on to tell Kumalo that the car is an SVR carbon edition.


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