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GLAMOUR exclusive with the queen of Instagram skits, Athi Mgoqo

Image: Instagram (@athimgoqo)
Image: Instagram (@athimgoqo)

Content creator and self-proclaimed city girl, Athi Mgoqo has joined the line-up of talent featuring in Jameson’s Humour Me series.

The first episode aired on Mzansi Magic and 1Magic on the 17th of April and the second final episode will air tomorrow the 24th of April on Mzansi Magic at 9:30 PM and on 1Magic at 9 PM. In the first episode, we see Athi having a conversation with Khanyisa at the bar whilst enjoying their Jameson drinks. The two sit down and share experiences they wished they had left behind with the year 2020.

WATCH: Humour Me first Episode 1 below:

GLAMOUR caught up with Athi to talk about comedy, the collaboration with Jameson, what the year 2020 taught her and what she would say to her 16-year-old self.

GLAMOUR: What is it like being a woman in comedy?

Athi: You’ll have to ask me maybe in a year, I’m still shocked when someone refers to me as a comedian. I’m like “Athi the what?” Crazy. But I’m really enjoying the journey. it feels edgy cause there’s not a lot of women in the comedy spaces. And I think women are f**ing hilarious.

GLAMOUR: What are some behind the scenes things we don't see on camera that you've done?

Athi: I literally laugh at myself while making most of my content. I’m pretty sure my 5-year-old daughter thinks I’m losing my mind because sometimes I’ll think of something & kinda play it out (rehearse it) and she’ll be like, “mommy who’re you talking to? So, now I’ve had to explain how mommy is an actress and I’m rehearsing.

GLAMOUR: Have you ever done or said something really embarrassing when you were drunk?

Athi: Uh I do not participate in Alcohol consumption. JOKES! What do you mean have you ever?! That’s a standard for me, I become very poised but all my friends know it’s an act.

Image: Supplied

GLAMOUR: What does this ‘Jameson Humour Me’ mean to you?

Athi: To be honest, I feel favoured by a higher power & know that this is the beginning of many great things. Also, whiskey has always been considered a “man’s drinks”, but I for one enjoy a good whiskey chile. So, I like the fact that Jameson showed that ladies can also drink whiskey.

GLAMOUR: How do you drink Jameson?

Athi: With Coke or Ginger Ale, on the rocks when I’m trying to be boujee!

GLAMOUR: What are you most grateful for?

Athi: To be doing what I love and be recognised for it. Chile, it does not hurt that I also get to be paid for it. I am so blessed!

GLAMOUR: How has social media changed your career?

Athi: It’s given me independence in a big way, validation and STRESS!!!

GLAMOUR: Given the opportunity what would you say to your 16-year-old self?

Athi: It becomes harder to lose weight when you’re older, so enjoy this body sis!

GLAMOUR: What has the year 2020 taught you?

Athi: *__How to trust God, PRAY to keep sane. To be patient with people, check up on those close to me, listen and that consistency is really key to any success. Oh, and That I HATE Gin__*

Catch the Jameson Humour Me show tomorrow at 9 PM on 1Magic and 9:30 PM on Mzansi Magic.

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