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Harry Styles has made the most adorable music video ever

Everyone loves cupcakes. Everyone loves food fights. Everyone loves puppies, and kids doing kid stuff. And everyone loves Harry Styles. Put all of these together and what do you get? Harry Styles’ new kid-filled, cupcake-covered, puppy-packed video for ‘Kiwi’ – the third single off his self-titled debut solo album, following ‘Sign of the times’ and ‘Two ghosts’.

Picture it: a group of kids gathers around a large pile of baked goods in a school hall. Chaos ensues. Harry Styles enters with a bunch of puppies. Chaos escalates. Harry Styles smirks. Our world will never be the same again.

But aside from all the cuteness, the video’s most dynamic feature would have to be the presence of Rogue One actress, Beau Gadsdon, as a miniature version of the singer. Taking on the role of Styles’ grade school double, Beau’s look is pure perfection, from the One Direction-era long hair right down to the brocade teal Gucci suit.

First she kicks off the video by storming down the hallway of an elementary school with a container full of cupcakes under her arm. Then after the kids are completely covered in crumbs and frosting, the real Styles emerges. After unleashing a pack of cupcake-hungry puppies into the hall, he too joins the food fight, before the whole cupcake-puppy mess poses for a class photo to close out the video.

All cutesy elements aside, it’s a welcome change from the current norm. While most music videos stick to the tried-and-tested formula of fast cars, flashy sets, and cameos by models, it’s really refreshing to see Styles is committed to doing things differently. After flying across the Isle of Skye for ‘Sign of the times’, Styles returns with a video that proves he’s got an endearing sense of whimsy. It’s also cute hat-tip to his former life as a bakery employee too.

The video is fun and wholesome, and proves what we all already knew about Styles – you can be sweet and pure while still being the coolest rock star around.

Watch it for yourself below:

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