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Kat Graham is on a quest to bring unity through music

From singer, actress and, dancer to producer, Kat Graham is a multifaceted powerhouse with a career spanning over two decades. Throughout the years she has cemented her presence in Hollywood, starring in the hit TV show Vampire Diaries and NAACP nominated film Emperor, Kat’s longevity has allowed her to explore her many hats. Kat Graham will portray Diana Ross in the upcoming Michael Jackson biopic.

The upcoming Michael Jackson biopic "Michael" is embracing the Motown sound, and is set to release in 2025.

Graham’s talent doesn’t end with acting, Music has played a fundamental role in her journey. In 2012 she released her debut EP, followed by an album ‘Roxybury Drive’. In 2017 she worked with her mentor and friend Baby Face and the late Prince for her Sophomore album, ‘Love Music Funk Magic’. Graham’s futuristic sound is a combination of R&B, Soul, Pop and Dance which she describes as a strong vocal and heavy drum, melodic 90s bitch pop.

During an interview with Billboard Women in Music Kat announced an upcoming single with Titled ‘World Song’, the single was inspired by the classic song, ‘We are the world’ by Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones - Graham hopes the release of ‘World Song’ will bring back unity in the human race.

As an advocate for human rights, Kat is notably passionate about the plight of refugees. She has worked with the United Nations High Commissioner since 2013 to raise awareness of refugees across the globe.

In our exclusive Digital Cover Interview, we chat to Kat about her upcoming single, tour and collaboration with

Kat Graham lets us in on the next chapter in her career with her upcoming single and her collaboration with and we cannot wait to hear it, Photography: Harold Julian

Congratulations on your upcoming single with! Tell us a little about ‘World Song’ and What Inspired it.

I wanted to create a song that could help heal the world. I wanted to create music that would bring everyone closer together, also focusing on what we can do to help make our planet and the human race better.

You’ve known each other for a long time. Was it easier for your creative process to make a song together?

Will has to be one of the most creative, forward-thinking, innovative minds on the planet. As creative as he is in music, he is just as creative when it comes to solutions for global change, being ahead of AI and new technologies, the impacts of climate change, etc. He has one of the most expansive minds I have ever met. I know that whatever he creates is for a reason and with a vision. It’s very easy for me to follow his guidance because I believe in him so much.

‘I wanted to create a song that could help heal the world’ - Kat Graham, this is unique as not every creative individual thinks of expressing such love and care through their art. Kat Graham is truly a gifted artist with big things ahead of her, Photography: Harold Julian

The meaning of the song is related to your personal feelings. How does it make you feel?

It makes me feel hopeful. There are children singing on the hook, and when I hear their voices, I’m reminded of the importance of the next generation, and how we must take care of each other, and the world we live in for them.

Are you planning on filming a music video for ‘World Song’, What vision do you have for such a powerful song?

Yes, I am in the process of creating a music video. It will consist of a lot of footage, both large scale and more intimate. It will bring the world awareness of what is happening as well as creating something that we can all connect to.

We are extatic to see Kat Graham’s new music video and the creativity put behind it. Kat Graham is an extremely successful women and an inspiration, Photography: Harold Julian

Tell us about your upcoming tour. Is joining you?

Will has his own demanding schedule, but I do hope to perform this song with him in the near future. The tour dates are announced this month, so I am looking forward to joining forces with the other artists on the album, specifically in their home country. I think it will be really powerful.

Are you planning to stop with a show in South Africa? We will be so excited!

I am always planning a trip to South Africa. Whether I can get there or not is the real question. But I am absolutely planning on coming back to South Africa this year. South African music and culture have so deeply inspired me and the direction of music I have been creating. As a dancer, I can tell you that there is no pocket like a South African pocket to groove in.

Kat Graham has a great sense of fashion, especially when it comes to dressing up and going full on glam on stage at her concerts and we cannot wait to see what she will come up with next, Photography: Harold Julian

You have incredibly beautiful stage costumes; What new looks can we expect on tour?

Because the show goes through different eras of the album, the costumes evolve. The first half of the show focuses on African tribal Keith Haring-esque fashion and then transitions into more '90s baggy zoot suits, and then from there we go into more '80s pop.

You are currently working on a new album, what message do you want to convey with the album?

The album is called "K’Pelle: One World, One Song." K’Pelle was the tribe in Liberia, West Africa, that my father comes from. It is a salute to my West African roots and represents the idea of being a part of a tribe. I believe that we are all a part of one human race tribe, one, one represents the heartbeat of humanity. We all have a heartbeat, which is why every song on the album is the exact same BPM, and there is one heartbeat that will take you from the beginning of the record throughout the end. The heartbeat never stops so you can play the record as one song.

We’ve watched you transform your image over the years, and this has reflected on your music. What is Kat Graham like today?

I know who I am privately, and I know who I am publicly, and I’m hoping the two are in alignment. I’m passionate about human rights and the world. I’m a funky girl with good rhythm and a great sense of fashion. I’m a proud African immigrant that was raised in America, from Geneva, Switzerland, because of my UN ambassador grandfather. I know I don’t take myself too seriously, but I take the world extremely seriously. I know my history and I know how I want to leave the world better than I found it.

Kat Graham’s goal in life that she set for herself is to leave the world a better place and to make a difference to her followers and those around her. We are inspired by her love and care she shares, Photography: Harold Julian

What other music collaborations can we expect on this record?

I can’t say because I don’t want to jinx it but think of some of the most inspiring artists that represent their communities. Think of the artists that have something real to say.

You are also a popular and accomplished actress. What role has been your favourite to portray?

I would have to say "Cut Throat City," because I got to play a character who was experiencing the Ninth Ward post-Hurricane Katrina. These were real situations that people were experiencing, and I got to bring light to the injustices and the marginalization of a community that had been overlooked and silenced. It was an alignment with my humanitarian missions.

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