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Kylie Cosmetics welcomes a new addition to the family!

We love nothing more than a celebrity tapping into the world of cosmetics. Especially Kylie Jenner. If you haven’t heard, the Kylie Cosmetics founder recently used Instagram to announce the release of her newest concealer, the "Power Plush Longwear Concealer" which is set to launch on 27 September.

Kylie has been an unstoppable force in the beauty industry, creating an empire that has experienced insurmountable growth, claiming her billionaire status. Kylie Cosmetics has become a Goliath force to be reckoned with, with the influx of product launches, ranging from lipsticks to skincare, that come high in demand.

Image Sourced from Instagram/@kyliejenner
Image Sourced from Instagram/@kyliejenner

Her latest addition, "Power Plush Longwear Concealer," is advertised as having a moisturizing, weightless finish that offers all-day wear. The medium buildable coverage promises to leave no creases or caking behind. Following in the footsteps of beauty guru, Rihanna, who’s trailblazing inclusivity in Fenty Beauty houses 40 shades of foundation, Kylie Cosmetics offers 40 distinct concealers. She acknowledged that it took three years to perfect the product.

Image Sourced from Instagram/@kyliejenner

In her recent Beauty Secrets video with Vogue, the self-made billionaire vouches for the minimal clean look that she’s been enjoying. “I’ve changed my look a lot. I like a natural look. I wear a lot less but still accomplish the same snatched look,” says Jenner. It’s a refreshing break from the heavy-duty Kylie Glam that she sported in her first Vogue Beauty Secrets video. Jenner continues to branch into new spheres in the beauty space, taking on new ventures.

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