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Rihanna just launched a new Fenty masacra and its bringing the drama

Every time Rihanna adds to the Fenty line-up, we need to know about it. The latest? Ri just teased her new Fenty Hella Thicc mascara on Instagram and the navy is here for it. It's the second mascara launch from the brand, following the Full Frontal Volume, Lift and Curl mascara – this time focusing on "hella big, hella bold, hella thicc lashes."

Taking to social RiRi explained to followers: “Hella Thicc’s formula gives my lashes that buildable, voluptuous volume with every swipe, and the brush is so precise that you can get into every little lash to create different looks.”

Fans are already queuing up to get their hands on the formula with one writing in the comments: “Alright take my money!!!!!” And Fenty followed up in the comments section to stoke the flames writing: “We’re here for the DRAMA 👀🔥🖤” nodding to the extra drama the mascara promises lashes.

Intruiged? You won't have long to wait since Ri warned "Mark ya calendars," and spilled that the release date is the 28th March. Lucky for us, we got our hands on the mascara early so we can see if it lives up to the hype.

Fenty Hella Thicc Mascara at a glance:

Price: £19

Pros: This small wand is easy to get into inner corners and if you like a clumpy lash look this can build up to create thick lashes

Cons: It takes a few coats to create thickness and it can go clumpy

Our verdict: This is a marmite mascara – you'll love it or hate it

GLAMOUR star rating: 7/10

Meet the reviewer: Elle Turner, GLAMOUR's Beauty Editor

I have naturally quite long lashes, so I'm a little lazy when it comes to mascara application and I usually don't have to work too hard or too precise to create some definition, but I do struggle to create full-looking lashes, so I'm interested to see how this performs.

The Packaging

Ri kept things slick with black pyramid-shaped packaging. As for the wand, it's small, dainty and tapered, compared to the big rounded, oval wand of Full Frontal.


This didn't coat my lashes as smoothly as some of the other formulas I've used. It feels a little less liquid, and more dry which means it creates more of a messy, clumpy look. Plus, you really have to layer it up to get that thickness. Below is a pic I took two coats in – my lashes were still looking a little skinny, but I'd picked off the clumps (as I don't love a loaded look).

But, if you layer up the coats (and leave the clumps) you can build to create chunky, audacious, unapologetic lashes. It kind of gives a morning-after-the-night-before look, like you've slept in your mascara, which give the ultimate badass, DGAF finish.

The Final Verdict

The Fenty Hella Thicc mascara is a vibe in it's own right, especially if you love loaded-looking lashes, but if you like a cleaner flutter, it's probably not for you.

This article was originally published on Glamour UK.

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