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Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are patching up their friendship

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are reportedly "on the road" to patching up their friendship, after falling out when Jordyn allegedly kissed Tristan Thompson. 

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are reportedly "on the road" to patching up their friendship.

The two best friends fell out earlier this year after Jordyn, 21, allegedly kissed Tristan Thompson whilst he was in a relationship with Kylie's half-sister Khloe Kardashian - with whom he has 13-month-old daughter True - which caused the demise of their romance.

And although Jordyn has now moved out of Kylie's home where she had been living, sources say their friendship isn't doomed forever, and they're actually using the distance to work on "recovering" their bond.

One source said: "Their relationship is on the road to recovery. 

"Kylie knows the separation from Jordyn will help both of them - and Kylie's family - to heal."

The insiders also told a publication that Jordyn "is so happy in her new house," and feels "proud of herself" for pushing forward with a "fresh start".

Meanwhile, Kylie recently said on an episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' that her friend had "f***ed up" by allegedly kissing 28-year-old Tristan.

Family matriarch Kris Jenner told Kylie in the episode: "For you and Jordyn, this is like a divorce."

To which Kylie simply responded: "She f***ed up."

Later in the show, the 21-year-old lip kit mogul can be seen sat with 34-year-old Khloe, where she tells her older sister: "Just know I love you."

Following the scandal, Jordyn claimed she was "bullied by the world", and said it had a big effect on her family too.

She said: "My little sister was bullied in school and I wanted to show her that I was bullied by the world. I understood for the first time what it's like being a black woman - in a just society, how we can be so disrespected and nobody can really understand to that extent until you have to live it."

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