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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have a 'great family situation'

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have created “a great family situation” together with their three-year-old daughter Stormi.

The 23-year-old reality star and the “Sicko Mode” hitmaker, 30, are continuing to spend “a lot of quality family time together” with their three-year-old daughter Stormi, and although they haven’t put any labels on their relationship, sources say they’re in a “very happy” place.

An insider told People magazine: "Kylie and Travis continue to spend a lot of quality family time together.

“They are not putting any pressure on their relationship. They get along and things are great.

“They both want to be as present as possible for Stormi. Kylie and Travis have worked hard to create a great family situation.

“They love each other. Everyone is very proud of how mature they are. Stormi is the happiest little girl. It's all benefiting her."

Kylie and Travis split in 2019, but during the Covid-19 pandemic last year, they began living together so they could both see their daughter and have been reported to have rekindled their romance.

Meanwhile, another source recently said the couple have “no requirements” in their relationship.

They said: “I wouldn’t say that Kylie and Travis have an open relationship, they just don’t put a label on it.

“They’ve been like this for years. Travis will be at all holidays, everything to do with Stormi, but he and Kylie don’t call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. There’s no expectations between them.

“There are no requirements in their relationship, it’s the way it’s always been.”

Kylie and Travis don’t have a “traditional relationship”, but “have a huge amount of love for each other”.

The source added: “They don’t call each other asking where they are, Kylie and Travis are both allowed to do whatever they want, but they have a huge amount of love for each other.

“It’s not a traditional relationship, but it works for them and has worked for years.”

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