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Miley Cyrus deleted her entire Instagram, and fans are freaking out

First, there was Taylor Swift, who deleted her Instagram and blacked out her website shortly before the release of her first single from  Reputation last August. In May, there was the mysterious case of Blake Lively wiping her Insta. The results? Predictable, with the Internet unsurprisingly freaking out—until it was revealed it was a PR move for her upcoming movie. Now Miley Cyrus has gone and done it: Fans noticed Cyrus started deleting hundreds of posts from her Instagram account—including ones with fiance Liam Hemsworth—and had wiped all of her posts by the end of the week.

But before anyone speculates about any Hemsworth-related drama, his ‘grams with Cyrus are still up (phew!). Cyrus’ move is most likely music-related: Per the precedent set by Swift and Lively, this might just signal a new project that’s on the way.

Producers linked to Cyrus’ new music, like Miike WiLL Made It, Oren Yoel, and Andrew Wyatt have all blacked out their headers on Twitter too. Cyrus’ tweets are still intact, but her header is also black, and her website is down.

See both accounts below:

The singer hasn’t put out a new album since  Younger Now in 2017—and before  that record dropped, Cyrus said she was already working on new music.

“I’m already two songs deep on the next one,” she told BBC Radio 1 last year. “I want to figure out what I want to do next. ”

Us Weekly also reported that Cyrus is working on new music with Mark Ronson at the same New York City studio where Lady Gaga records out of, and there are rrumoursthat the two stars may be working on songs together.

This latest celebrity blackout has not stopped fans from speculating about what’s to come for Cyrus and what they hope to see, most posting with the hashtag #MileyIsComing. The fan theories range from a surprise wedding and a new musical era to a surprise album.


— static shock (@b00kmarq) July 12, 2018

miley deleted everything off her instagram and i’m having an anxiety attack. is there going to be a tour?? is there going to be another album?? WHAT IS HAPPENING MY HEART IS TOO FRAGILE FOR THIS @MileyCyrus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— morg Ⓥ (@briannmorgaan) July 13, 2018

Miley is getting married 👰

— Miley is Coming (@rashodcyrus) July 13, 2018

Now that #MileyCyrus has blacked out all her social media accounts, I gotta ask… Which artist are you most excited to hear new music from?

— Mike Adam (@MikeAdamOnAir) July 13, 2018

What this actually means, of course, is TBD—but we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes out for more.

Taken from GLAMOUR US. Read the original  here.

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