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Nadia Jaftha speaks on embracing Singlehood, dealing with breakups and shares future plans for her career

Award-winning content creator Nadia Jaftha has had a busy start to 2024. Not only is she single again, she just bought herself a brand new whip.

The businesswoman and former bae Xavier Haupt released a joint statement via their Instagram accounts that they had decided to end their relationship. Although fans were disappointed to see the end of ‘Xadia', they were curious to know what happened between the love birds.

While appearing on Good Hope FM’s Great Drive! show with Carissa Cupido, Jaftha answered the burning question as well as revealing some fun facts about herself that fans didn’t know. When Cupido touched on a fan question, Jaftha said, “I think the beautiful thing is that we both are still on very good terms. “It’s still very fresh,” she admitted while laughing. “I’d be lying if I said I was completely fine, because, obviously, that’s a lie.

Image Sourced: Instagrm/@nadiajaftha

“I’m keeping myself busy. Sometimes it feels like I’m on autopilot, but I do what I can to just heal and not be toxic about it,” she added. When asked how they came to the decision to split up, Jaftha said it was mutual and added, “Ain’t nobody fighting nobody.”

Jaftha has always advocated for self-care and emphasised that this year she’s planning to be more patient with herself and to ask for help when she needs it. And for those who plan on shooting their shot with the creative, she made it absolutely clear that she’s not looking for love right now. “I’m dating my career,” she declared.

Image Sourced: Instagrm/@nadiajaftha

The content queen might share some things online, but not everything. For example, she has three tattoos that fans don’t know about. “I have three tattoos,” she said. Jaftha has one behind her ear, an Africa tattoo, and an elephant on her back.

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