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Riky Rick was a fashion trailblazer. Here are some of his best looks

The untimely passing of rapper Riky Rick has shocked the country and global hip hop scene. He was known not only as a talented musician but a trailblazer in the fashion industry.

His music festival Cotton Fest is a celebration of local fashion and culture, while he also collaborated on capsule collections for brands such as Puma, Maxhosa and Okapi.

Through the course of his career, the award-winning rapper and music producer loved to experiment with his style. He had a flair for the flamboyant, combining bright colours, prints, textures and patterns with an urban essence and inherent swagger.

His strength lay in combining contrasting elements into one cohesive fit - that sometimes, only he could pull off.

Riky Rick’s unique sense of style grabbed the attention of industry insiders too, earning a nod on GQ’s Best Dressed list and being invited by Gucci to attend their Milan Fashion Week show.

While his clothing may have been effortlessly cool, it was his confidence and authenticity that really made each outfit pop.

Below, we picked out some of his stand out fashion moments:

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