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SEE: Nomzamo Mbatha appears on The Daily Show

Trevor Noah chats to Nomzamo Mbatha on The Daily Show.

Local actress Nomzamo Mbatha made an appearance on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”.

Since starring in “Coming 2 America”, Mbatha has been making waves in the US being touted as a breakout star by numerous publications such as Vulture, Harper's Bazaar and The Hollywood Reporter.

Many reviews following the release of the film have praised her for her performance.

On Wednesday, Mbatha made an appearance on “The Daily Show” with Noah and the two South African stars couldn’t have been be happier to see each other.

Kicking off the interview, they made a joke about the pronunciation of Mbatha’s name, since during the press run with other popular US talk shows, her full name has been butchered in many different ways.

Commenting on what is was like working with big stars such as Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes are Arsenio Hall in the film, she said: “Honestly, it been an out-of-body experience, but I think you would be able to let me know how to go about this Hollywood thing.

“Having to call Eddie Murphy, ’Eddie’, when Eddie came on to’s been an amazing journey like a full-circle moment for me.”

Mbatha shared about her crazy travelling journey just to audition for the film.

“I literally flew from New York to Switzerland to the UAE. By the time I’m in the UAE I’m supposed to fly back to South Africa because I’m supposed to go and host the South African Music Awards.

“I get a call the night before my flight from my agent and he says ’you want to be in the room for this one. You can send a self-tape but you want to be in the room’.”

Mbatha lamented on the cost as she was already booked on a flight, and after he mentioned it was for a leading role in “Coming 2 America”, she changed her flight and headed to Los Angeles.

The two South Africans also shared what it’s like getting a work visa for the US, with each of them having a funny story.

Ending the interview, Mbatha said she was looking forward to acting more in the US, continue working on her philanthropic ventures and that she wants to produce projects too.

Watch the full interview below:

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