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SEE: Nomzamo’s European backpacking adventure

Nomzamo Mbatha is living our dream right now. The media mogul is currently on a solo backpacking trip across Europe, and has created an Instagram account called @thislittlelife to document her travels.

The star, who recently starred in the Coming 2 America movie, is currently unwinding at a luxury resort in the sunny French town of St Tropez while yesterday she shared snaps of her whirlwind trip in ice cold London.

1st class flights.

The travel page was created just under a week ago where she started off by sharing a video at Madrid International Airport. She said: “Opened this page because I want to have a place that I can share my little life and to look back on the many things I’ve seen and the many places of the world that have held me.”

She posted more snaps of her stay at the luxury Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville, Spain as well as of her relaxing aboard a first-class flight.

Relaxing in Saint Tropez.
Fine dining in the French Town.

She then moved on to Portugal where she enjoyed a traditional dish of Bacalhau before hopping across the pond to the UK.

While Nomzamo described her trip as a “backpacking adventure” it is certainly more luxurious than the average vacation most people are used to.

Sight-seeing in Spain.
Outfit of the day at the luxury Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville.

5-star accommodation, slaying outfits, and luxury flights are still part of her agenda - in addition to soaking in all the cultural and historical heritage of each place.

As the year comes to a close and we’re all riddled with exhaustion, chasing terminals with Nomzamo is just the distraction we need to get us through this final stretch.

All images @thislittlelife/Instagram.

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