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US Youtuber Jay Versace accuses Lasizwe of stealing his material

Another day, another Twar. This time there’s beef between social media stars Jay Versace and Lasizwe. You might know Jay Versace from Youtube, where he performs hilarious skits and spills the tea on his everyday life. Lasizwe is best known as the little brother of Khanyi Mbau, who skyrocketed into an overnight Instagram sensation when he posted lol-worthy videos of him dressed up in different characters.

Just a few minutes after watching Kwesta’s interview on Real Talk with Azania, we got word that Jay Versace accused Lasizwe of stealing his material. In the tweet Jay said: ‘Boy you copy everything I do’.

boy you copy everything I do

— JAY (@JAYVERSACE) June 21, 2018

Denying Versace’s allegations, Lasizwe clapped back with the following statement:

I don’t…, but it’s flattering to know that you follow everything that I do ✨💪❤

— Lasizwe (@lasizwe) June 21, 2018

In response to Lasizwe, Jay claimed that he had never heard about the Mzansi social media star and that it was his followers who pointed out the uncanny similarities in their content.

lmao I don’t know anything about you. ppl keep sending me your corresponding flop ass videos. you’re making money off other people’s shit and that’s fucked up. dig in that big funky ass head of yours and find some of your own shit to post. i’m no longer entertaining this goodbye

— JAY (@JAYVERSACE) June 21, 2018

Jay followed up his tweet, by retweeting a follower who had dug up receipts of the alleged ‘stolen goods’.

— dangerous lightning (@sarabrimage) June 21, 2018

Lasizwe shut down the Twar, with the following:

uyazi uneDrama Bhuti weGrowth eKanda, I’ll keep posting my “flop ass videos” which clearly keep your followers entertained and my pocket lined. All the best 😘! Ngizokubona babes – Ngeyakuthanda Yezwa! Ungephupe Tonight ngeyenza izinto khona with white socks on😘

— Lasizwe (@lasizwe) June 21, 2018

In true Black Twitter fashion, Mzansi chimed in…

Ya’ll are sell-outs, outchea dragging Lasizwe with the Americans. We know hes a thief 😂 but let’s protect him nje, do it for the culture!

— Jama (@Kat_Moshobane17) June 21, 2018

JAY : you steal my content

Lasizwe :

— Didie ❤ (@MissKatso_) June 21, 2018

*Spell Liver*

Me: iver

Them: where’s the L

Me: Lasizwe took it

— NjabuloFuckingGrey (@njabulolmighty) June 21, 2018

#Lasizwe South Africans will turn their backs on you 😂😂

— Thee (@CindySeimela) June 21, 2018

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