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WATCH: Michelle Obama roasts Jimmy Kimmel over sex life question

Michelle Obama jokes Jimmy Kimmel is "obsessed" with her and Barack's love live.

The former First Lady of the United States teased the 53-year-old talk show host this week after he reminded her about an awkward question he asked her years ago during a different interview.

Speaking on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, he said: "I asked you that on the night that SEAL Team Six took out Osama bin Laden at your husband's order, did you and your husband make love that night to celebrate."

Michelle, 57, laughed and decided to "turn that back" on the host.

She quipped: "You know, I have to tell your audience that for some very sick reason, you are very obsessed with this portion of that major, historical event in a way that no one else—no one, in the history of all the conversations I've had, has anybody drilled down on this particular point like you, Jimmy Kimmel.

"So I turn that back on you... That's what you want to know. You're still that little boy in your bedroom, under the cover with the flashlight, going, 'I hope nobody sees me.' "

Regarding the question itself, she added: "I'm still pleading the fifth of that."

Jimmy has even asked Barack himself, 59, the same thing as recently as October 2020, and the former US President suggested his wife was "asleep".

He said: "I suspect she was asleep. 'Cause the truth of the matter, most of the time, by the time I was done working, she'd be snoozing. So, Michelle goes to bed about 9 o'clock."

Meanwhile, Michelle recently confessed the one thing of her husband's that she would get rid of is his golf clubs because it "takes too long" for him to play the game.

She said: "They’re annoying! It takes too long! Why is there a sport where there are 18 holes? They just made that up, that’s somebody trying to avoid their wife!"

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