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WATCH: Pearl Thusi learning Muay Thai boxing in Thailand

Pearl Thusi. Image: Instagram
Pearl Thusi. Image: Instagram

Pearl Thusi is in Thailand and posted a video on Instagram of herself learning Muay Thai boxing at the Sathian Muay Thai Gym.

Judging from the video, Thusi looks like she is in her element. She’s calm, comfortable and completely in control.

Accompanying the Instagram video was a lengthy caption which explained that as a child Thusi played with the boys and loved action movies.

Now she gets paid for “looking as if she can fight”. She also thanked the people who gave her the opportunity to continue making the “child in her happy”.

“Living a dream...Usually when I go to bed, muscles aching and bones shaking- I count every blessing. As a kid I played with the boys- and only played physical games with the girls... loved action movies.

“Today I get paid to look like I can actually fight, but I actually just found new ways to play with the boys and girls who like to play like me. Girls like @jujuchanszeto who are faster and stronger than me! 🥰

“Thanks to the boys who teach me and let me pretend to beat them up 😂😂😂 - and thank you for the people who give me the opportunity to continue making the child in me happy and seen. ❤️🙏🏽 @sasitorn.june289 @ampm3z_ii (my girls 🥰🥰🥰)

“Additionally- the guy training us actually trains champions- real fighters would kill to have him as a teacher but here he is- teaching muaythai to amateurs like me- with passion and care.

“What a champ. ❤️ @sathian_somkhao @sathianmuaythai Lastly - tell black Twitter to catch me outside!”(sic), wrote the “Queen Sono” actress.

According to Twitter, Thusi is currently filming in Thailand for the second season of Netflix’s martial arts series, “Wu Assassins“.

Thusi’s industry friends and fans commented on her fighting video post.

“Go Pearly 💪🏾”, said her bestfriend, DJ Zinhle.

While Thanmi Magele said: “You are actually living my life, way ahead of me...right behind you learning and watching and VERY inspired. I laugh and say "maar I thought about it first or yeah I wanted to do it or , that's so me" 😂. Keep inspiring me and many who are in denial”.


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