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Man Candy Monday

We’ve got something that’ll definitely inspire you to get through this week. Meet today’s Man Candy, Daniel Band. He’s what you might call ‘the whole package’ (he’s got both beauty and brains, ladies)! Daniel is the founder of Hempcoffee South Africa which he describes as a “team comprised of wellness lovers, bean-freaks and ‘hempereneurs’ all seeded together to supply you with the highest quality brew, service and loyalty”. Well, we certainly wouldn’t mind trying out a cup of Hempcoffee… if tastes as good as its founder looks.

When Daniel isn’t busy shooting campaigns for big brands like Levi’s and adidas, he splits his time between freelance marketing and copywriting gigs, and keeping fit of course (he’s into Muay Thai). And this is going to sound cliché, but he really does love taking long walks on the beach. 

So, what’s he up to at the moment? He’s currently working on his own men’s underwear brand that he will be launching in the next few months. Will he be modelling his own line? We hope so!

Daniel is represented by Full Circle Model and Celebrity Management

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