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Ciro Jewellery turns heads without breaking the bank

Ciro Jewelry, the cosmopolitan fashion jewellery company for over 100 years, prides itself on having one of the industry’s longest track records.

Having opened its first store in London in 1917 to trade in faux pearl jewellery by mail order, followed by a flagship store in Los Angeles’s Wilshire Boulevard in the 1920s, Ciro has been the keeper of premium imitation jewellery tradition till this day.

Its brick-and-mortar flagship stores in Vienna and London and their online store offer premium fashion jewellery for all occasions.

Whether loving somebody or sharing love, enjoying life, or simply living those moments when they need to look their best, women choose appropriate adornments to make those moments even more memorable - while staying the best version of themselves.

Ciro’s three collections—The First Love, Black Tie, and Cocktail—cover all the bases.

Ciro uses imitation stones in all its collections—triple AAA-rated cubic zirconia, corundum, moissanite, lab diamonds, rhodium- and 18ct gold-plated silver for settings that bring out the best in shiny stones.

In the words of Liza Minelli: "There's no reason to have real diamonds. People think it's real anyway." Ciro could use this phrase as their logo.

We always remember our first love - and Ciro’s First Love collection, delicate, elegant, and unassuming, will be a tender everyday reminder of that magical moment.

The collection includes simply-designed pieces—rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings—suitable for everyday wear. In addition, most First Love pieces are adorned with dazzling AAA zircons that reflect the light in the same way as genuine diamonds.

The Cocktail collection has the general allure of avant-garde jewellery. Each of its Lyra, Nova, and Orion lines possesses a distinctive design: Lyra sports triangular elements giving them a sharp look; Nova pieces have a milder look, with rectangular and elongated elements. Our favourite is the Triple Nova ring paired with a matching triple ear cuff, made of rose gold-plated silver. The Orion pieces have circular shape as their key design feature.

Crowning Ciro’s dazzling lineup is the Black Tie collection that rivals in splendor the fine jewellery names of Chopard and Chanel. The Black Tie collection is for special events and social occasions. Studded with large CIROLIT stones, the shape and look of sapphire, emerald, and ruby, Black Tie earrings, rings, and bracelets will turn heads without breaking the bank.

To explore Ciro’s full collections, visit their website,

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