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Jewelry pieces to invest in to up our WFH game!

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As we find ourselves once again in lockdown we understand the importance of supporting local and small businesses. At Glamour we love nothing more than to accessorize and now that we are back to our zoom meetings we need to once again up our game for our WFH outfits. Even if it is only from the waist up!

Jewellery is a key component to any look whether you’re going to work, out with friends, on a date or even staying in. No look is complete without it.

Our current obsession is gold jewellery and I'm not inferring that it has to be of the 9ct or more kind. Costume jewellery is perfect when you want to accessorize your outfits everyday and your budget doesn't stretch to purchase the “expensive” pieces.

The trend with jewellery is to stack multiple pieces. From rings to bracelets to chains, the more the better!

Accessorizing is fun and tbh even if you’re wearing sweats and slicked back hair add some chunky hoops and a few necklaces and voila! You’re ready for your zoom call. It’s that easy to appear “put together” if you have the correct accessories. Don’t forget to add a ring or too as some of us are expressive with our hands and this is the perfect opportunity to show them off.

So we’ve selected a few of our favorite local jewellery brands that we love and would like you to support during this time!

Happy Shopping and stay safe:)

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Yellow Jewellery

Kirsten Goss

Famke Jewellery

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