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Financial coach Amanda Frances reveals 5 tips to reach your business goals amid COVID-19

2020 hit many people hard all around the world. No matter your industry, everyone felt the effects of isolation, eradicated social interactions, and significant job limitations.

For those who feel inspired by working alongside colleagues face-to-face, creating and brainstorming new ideas, it’s a strange feeling to transition from conference room strategy sessions, to a year of Zoom meetings and digital discussions.

It can feel hard to stay motivated, empowered, and goal driven - but it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, with the right mentality and approach to making money, you truly can soar professionally in 2021, and your goals are well within your reach.

Amanda Frances, known as the “Money Queen,” created a space for women to grow, learn, and ultimately thrive at building wealth, and through her digital courses accessible to anyone at any time, there are countless lessons to be learned about rising to the top of your business game.

“The subject of money can be so stressful and restricting for so many. It helps tremendously to look at and release past money memories, forgive past money mistakes, view yourself as deserving of money, etc.

It gives me tremendous joy as women position themselves to make, have, receive, spend, donate, and in-vest money well,” “And She Rises” podcast host exclusively shares with GLAMOUR. “As these women are empowered around money, this is reflecting in their families and communities.

As women are well-resourced, they can do more good. I believe this work has a lasting effect and generational impact.”

The internationally renowned financial empowerment guru who has a back-ground in psychology, mental health counseling, and ministry knows what it takes to see women reach and achieve all of their wildest dreams, even during a time as pivotal as a pandemic-stricken world. But that hasn’t stopped Frances from helping women maximize all of their potential.

“Women are so gifted, so beautiful, so diverse. We hold such a wealth of wisdom, love, and power inside of us. But women often get stuck… by societal, academic, religious or familial ideas and stories.

My job is to support women in stripping all of that stuff in their way all the stuff that tells them that they are not worthy and that they can not have what they want so that they can be honest about what they truly desire and step into the courage to go after it,” Frances, whose book Rich As F*ck goes into detail on these topics even further, explains. “Empowering women is at the centre of all I do.”

With the right balance, emotional mentality, confidence, and passion, it’s possible for any businesswoman to rise in 2021, and Frances shares her top 5 expert tricks to get you there.

1. Adaptability

It’s essential to always have a backup plan, and a backup plan to your backup plan, and think of all possible scenarios in life and business and be prepared for them the best you can. While no one could have predicted a global pandemic and how that would change so many structures of business, if you’re a flexible human who compromise and adapt, you can beat anything.

“I found that the people were most willing to adapt and willing to see this time as an opportunity as opposed to a death sentence were the ones who experienced more success than should have been possible in a pandemic and economic downturn. That does not mean that people didn't lose family, lose jobs, and lose busi-nesses.

This has been a year of loss for so many. However, that does mean that right now, more than ever before, it is important that we pave our own way and set ourselves on new paths, creating lives and businesses that thrive regardless of what is going on in the world,” Frances explains.

“I’ve had many, many clients start businesses, leave jobs, transition businesses, pivot in services offered inside their businesses and how they offered them, become even more valued in their workplace through how they positioned themselves inside of it.

I’ve seen people in my courses receive raises and promotions, get new jobs, and see their side business finally take off. Like I said, the common de-nominator is that they believed in themselves, they believed in what they had to offer, and they did not slow down - but sped up - even when things got rough.”

Frances’ advice? “Stay in the game. Opportunities still exist,” she insists. “There is still money circulating the globe that you are capable of attracting, earning and receiving. And you can still achieve greatness. And nothing can keep you from what you desire, that you are willing to move toward daily and that you truly believe you can have. Not the economy. Not a pandemic. Not any other global events.”

2. Positivity

Having a healthy relationship with money and the possibility of all your future success is so important in order to welcome it into your life in a constructive way.

As Frances puts it, “Money is a neutral resource. It is not good or bad. It is not right or wrong. The problem is, we see a lot of people do a lot of f-cked up things with money. That puts us in a funny head space.

We feel wrong for wanting money. We feel guilty, selfish or greedy for desiring more of it. We are plagued with memories of people who made money and lost it, couldn’t be trusted with it, or created and lived out feast or famine cycles.”

Frances’ solution? “One of the most relieving things you can do with money is desire it from a ‘clean’ place. What I mean by that is realize all the ways money will support you that are purely positive. Money allows you to support businesses, leaders and organizations you believe in,” she explains.

“Money al-lows you to buy healthy food, sustainable products, and local businesses. Money provides stability for yourself, your family, and your children. As you view money as a good thing, and as you remove any current conflicts you have with money, you are in a better position to allow more money in.

When you change your mindset around money, you change your experiences of having money.”

3. Mindfulness

Now more than ever, it’s never been more critical to prioritize mental wellness, as energy is everything - the energy you put out, the energy you take in, it all affects your inner-peace, which must be protected.

Frances knows that growing a business, and finding the motivation to be productive during these times, might be easier said than done, and some people might need extra support. “It’s been hard. And weird. At first, I knew I needed to focus my mind and en-ergy,” she reveals. “I was living alone and was single at the time.”

So, she did just that. “I devoted myself to my work (was so thankful to have my work during this time) and into my own health and fitness. I got really into eating extra well, doing online workouts (I love Chloe Ting and Pilates by Amanda), and creating additional content for my audience.

I bought a bicycle to bike around my neighborhood and took many walks,” she recalls. “As things loosened up a bit, I was happy to have a few friends over here and there in my backyard for socially distanced outdoor hangouts.

I’ve basically rolled with it, accepted it the best I can, and adapted. I also finished my book! Which became an Amazon Best Seller right away and sold more than 10000 copies worldwide in the first month.

I also remembered this: What we have seen over the last year is unprecedented. So, why can’t my growth, success, and well-being be? Unprecedented, unlikely, and unrealistic success achieved is the best kind.”

4. Manifestation

Speaking your dreams into existence is powerful, intentional, and real. Believe in your goals with everything that you have. No one else will fight for your fu-ture the way you can, or understand your aspirations the way you so intimate-ly do. Go to bat for yourself, and make it happen.

“Twelve years ago I was driving around through the most beautiful neighborhoods saying to myself, ‘I am a multimillionaire. I don’t know how, but I know I am.’ I didn’t know how exactly, but I knew I would help people,” Frances remembers. “I knew I’d make a difference. And I knew I’d make a lot of money. I was always dreaming, envisioning, and working toward this.”

But, it’s far from an easy journey building a business from the ground up, and sometimes, it’s hard attaining the support you know you deserve. So how did Frances build herself up to become a respected name? “The fact that no one knew who I was or had any reason to trust me.

Through sharing good, inspiring, empowering content daily for years and years… I allowed people to get to know me through my online presence which turned into more and more paying customers more and more success stories and a brand and audience I am very proud of,” she notes, adding that, at the beginning of their career, her loved ones supported her to the “best of their ability,” but it wasn’t always easy.

“The thing about having an audacious dream is that it won’t make sense to most people, but it doesn’t need to. It only needs to make sense to you. Only you need to be able to see it, feel it and know that it is the path for you.”

5. Passion

At the end of the day, the largest driving force behind your business and out-come for success is how invested you are in your own dreams. Your passion is your fuel and you must never lose it, no matter how dark things may seem. For Frances, that passion is empowering women and helping others.

Frances, who was once a therapist and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psycholo-gy and a Masters of Science in Counseling, developed her business “from a de-sire to help people. It was grown as I pivoted to be able to support as many people as possible. There was a time where I hung flyers to promote my coach-ing services at a dozen different coffee shops every day for over a year. I’ve been determined for a very long time to do whatever it took to get my work in-to the world.”

For Frances, she didn’t stop until her passion and her purpose became her profession. “Through a determination to follow my heart and help as many people as possible… I am a therapist, turned life-coach, turned business coach for life coaches, turned digital course creator, for the majority of the past decade I have been CEO of my online education company,” she says.

“My digital courses are designed to empower women around money: How to make money. Feeling worthy of money. Becoming comfortable having, keeping and saving money. Trusting yourself to spend and use money well. Sometimes my work includes the practical business steps of forming a service based business, digi-tal course creation or online branding.

Most often, I work with people — entrepreneurs, but also women with day jobs, women climbing the corporate ladder, stay at home parents, etc. — on forming a healthy, thriving relation-ship with money.”

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