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Brown is the latest ‘it’ colour of the season

Right now, stars in the Northern hemisphere are transforming their wardrobe to welcome in a new season. As their spring approaches, we’d usually see the emergence of sun dresses, vivid hues, flowy silhouettes and uplifting aesthetics.

This Spring however, a new trend seems to have taken hold: Brown in every from - from dark chocolate to caramel machiato - is the it colour of the moment.

Typically a moody autumnal hue, it’s getting a fresh, summery twist - and we ain’t mad about it. Perhaps there’s wisdom behind Miranda Priestly’s iconic quote: “Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.”

While there still seems to be a chill in the air, celebs are rocking brown bomber jackets, head-to-leather looks, boots and coats -paving the way for a brown-hazed summer wardrobe.

While we’re still yet to get to Spring on this side of the world, we can take inspiration from these celebrity OOTD’s and adapt it for a more weather-appropriate ensemble.

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